Factors To Look for When Buying Men’s Everyday Underwear

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It can be a tough job to achieve a particular look or mimic someone else’s style. But with a bit of reading, you can easily find inspirations to work on. However, finding the right underwear is nowhere near to that activity. There are factors to consider in any shopping activity before spotting the appropriate and comfortable men’s everyday underwear. Remember that this is something you’re going to wear daily for a couple of hours, so it has to be as comfy as possible with just the right fit.

Factors To Look for When Buying Mens Everyday Underwear

There are several types in the market, which include full-rise briefs, thongs, and bikinis. The same with women’s underwear, where a specific style is required for a particular outfit, men’s briefs are also the same. They must go with the user’s outfit for the day to avoid visible marks and uncomfortable snug.

Low-rise cut

This type is one of the most preferred and commonly used for daily wear. It is the slightly shorter counterpart of the full-rise briefs that provide broader coverage. The cut is just right for all body types, regardless if they’re a bit thick or too skinny. Hence, the popularity.

As for the colour, younger men tend to be creative with their choices and choose bold colours or loud prints. On the other hand, older guys stick to classic shades, white, black, different shades of blue and grey.


The typical men’s everyday underwear is the full-rise cut. This type has more coverage compared to the low-rise counterpart. It can extend from the waist to the bottom of the buttocks. However, it doesn’t cover as much as the boxer brief that can reach the upper portion of the thigh.

Like the low-rise cuts that suit any body shape, the full-rise is also great for men with skinny or bulkier built. When men plan to wear something snug and have a plum body shape, it is highly recommended to opt for boxers to avoid visible marks.

Even if they are appropriate for any body type, not all ages are keen to wear them. Most mature men prefer this, while the younger ones who are in their 20s will pick the skimpier version. And if they’re most likely to strip inside locker rooms more often, they should go for a trendy cut in their generation–low-rise briefs. As for married or older guys, the full-briefs are deemed to be the game-changer because of its comfy fit. Since the style is considered to be conservative, this is usually available in white or black.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are usually used for lounging at home because it is breezy and can be worn independently. The fabric for boxers is cotton to make them more comfy. The good thing about this type is it comes in several designs and colours. At times, men pair them with plain shirts with bold prints at home during summers for a stylish look.

Not all men are high maintenance. But when it comes to their underwear, they want to wear something that will make them feel secured and breathable. Their underpants may not be visible to everyone but like women who also give much effort in their lingerie, so are men who want to be creative with their briefs. With so many patterns, designs, and colours to choose from, surely you can find the right one that best suits your needs.

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