Different Ways to Get Rid of Painful Periods

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Menstruation can cause various discomforts for some women, including physical and emotional symptoms. Apart from the frequent visits in the washrooms to changing your sleeping positions and of course, those period cramps, life can be very challenging during this situation. No matter how progressive society is and how considerate they are towards the female side of the population, we never get a day off from the house chores and the office work even during these difficult days. And imagine if you have a very painful period with those menstrual cramps, it can make your life more difficult! We assume you would have already tried some home remedies to treat the period cramps. But if you are looking for something more effective, then keep reading.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Painful Periods

● Try hot water bags — One of the few ways to get instant relief from the period cramps is providing heat on the section where you feel the cramps. Like, you can keep a hot water bag on your lower abdomen, under your back and even near your hip area. This will help you get quick relief from the pain and even relax your muscles to a certain extent. Of course, this procedure has no side effects at all so you can follow it without any worries.

● Yoga and exercises — Remember, when you are having painful mentrual cramps, try changing your pose/body posture and it will provide you instant relief. This proves effectiveness of regular exercise to treat your menstrual cramps. If you want, you can look upon the special yoga asanas and exercises to do within the days when you have the menstrual cramps or you can opt for the once which can be part of your regular exercise routine. According to experts, half to one hour of yoga or exercise can help you combat combat the period cramps effectively.

● Buy period pain tablets and medicines — There are also some very good on the counter pain relief medicines that help you treat menstrual pain. You can either buy medicine for period cramps which come from the allopathy treatment options or go for the ayurvedic or homeopathy tablets. Just remember that whenever you buy period pain tablets, get it from a verified and trusted drugstore or online or offline pharmacy. Consulting your doctor before having these medications is also very important, since there are many period pain relief tablets available in the market. So, opt for an effective menstrual pain tablet, consulting a doctor is a must.

● Stay hydrated — Sometimes painful menstruation cycle becomes more intense because of dehydration. That is why it is very important that you keep your regular water intake normal during your menstruation days so that you don’t feel such kind of problems when you’re in your periods.

● Hot tub soaking treatment — The most amazing treatment you require to treat your painful periods is to soak in a hot tub! Just half an hour of soaking in hot tub gives your abdomen, back and even legs quite a relief and also makes you feel refreshed!

Key Takeaways

Periods can be less painful with the right care. With the above-mentioned tips , you can ensure utmost relief from painful periods. And as every individual is different, choose the remedy that works the best for you. You can also consult a doctor if necessary.

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