Top 5 Skateboard Deck Brands to Know in 2022

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In this post, you’re about to learn about the best skate deck brands on the market. There are so many of them that it isn’t easy to know which ones are good and which you should avoid. Here you’ll learn about the five best recommendations by musterr so you can make the best choice for you. Maybe you’re reading this post because you want to build your skateboard. Maybe it’s because you want to buy a skate, but you’re not sure what to choose. In any case, you’ll know exactly what your favorite brand is. The top 5 are Santa Cruz, Alien workshop, Toy machine, Powell Peralta and Element. If you’ve been skateboarding for a long time, you probably know some of them, and if not, you’ll be happy that you found this post. Now, learn more about them.

Top 5 Skateboard Deck Brands to Know in 2022

Best skateboard deck brands in the market

1. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is probably the most loved brand in the market. They have been creating skateboards and accessories since 1993 and are pretty famous for skateboarding. Skateboarders know them for the hand logo. You often see it on the bottom of their boards. If you choose their decks, you’ll have them for a long time. They build excellent maple decks that many street skateboards buy to learn tricks. Santa Cruz is a good brand if you’re a beginner and want to know the basics. The professional skateboarders do the most difficult tricks on them, so you’ll be good. They provide good pop and are easy to install and control. Santa Cruz is famous because it’s one of the oldest skateboard brands in the market. People trust and love them, and they’ve proven to be a solid brand.

2. Alien workshop

Alien Workshop is famous for its alien logo. Again, if you’ve been skateboarding for a long time, you’ve probably seen their designs in skate shops or online. It’s another old brand created in 1990 by Chris Carter. It’s logical that the longer a brand has been on the market, the more chances people will buy from them. Why not you. Usually, when a brand has existed for over 5-10 years, people trust them. They have maple decks and popsicle types. If you’re a beginner, this one is a good brand. The popsicle type means that the tail and the nose are almost 100% symmetrical. When you’re new to skateboarding, it’s a great thing for you. You’ll have a better balance when riding or learning ticks. Also, their decks have a high pop, so they are lighter. This also means that they do not have the most solid decks. However, if you like high pops for tricks, Alien is a good choice.

3. Powell Peralta

This is an excellent brand. Powell Peralta is a brand that many professional skateboarders use to ride. Also, they always make quality decks that you can have for many months, depending on how often you skate. Also, Powell Peralta has flight decks. They also have seven layers of maple plywood, but they are lighter and stronger than classic decks. Of course, they cost more, but it’s a combination that many skateboarders love. You’ll be able to jump higher if you like street skateboarding. It’ll be easy to carry and have reasonable control over the board. Since they glue the layers of maple wood with epoxy, making the deck even more vital. It will resist shocks on the road. Plus, if you’ve been practicing for a long time and want to take skateboarding to another level, Powell Peralta is an excellent choice.

4. Element

If you’re an eco-friendly person, then you’ll love Element. They didn’t choose this name for anything since it represents the four elements of our planet. As you may know, the elements are fire, water, earth, and air. You can learn about their story on their website. If you’re sensitive about the environment and want to join a brand with the same value as you, Element is a good choice. Concerning their decks, they are great and of good quality. They have been on the market since the 90s, so you can be sure that their products are excellent. Also, they have been the first to sponsor Nyjah Huston, and he’s the most paid skateboarder today. He won so many championships that you can now compare him to Tony Hawk, which is incredible. So you can trust Element.

5. Baker

Baker is probably the brand that has the most minimalistic design on its decks. If you like that style, it can be one of the many reasons to choose them. Even if the plan changes nothing about the performances, having one you want is excellent. Baker is for a lot of skateboarders, their favorite brand. The reason is that the deck flips very well, which is satisfying, and the pop is great. Plus, most of their decks, if not all, are medium concave. For beginners, it’s a great thing since you’ll have better stability. Again, it’s also nice to have a medium concave for flip tricks. So if that’s what you want to learn or you like to practice in skate, choose Baker.

What is the best quality of skateboard?

It’s super important before making your choice to ask yourself these questions. The reason is that you’ll progress faster when you have quality skateboards than with a bad skate. Like in any sport, you need suitable equipment to perform well and enjoy this activity. It’s the same in skateboarding. Choosing one of the five brands it’s an excellent decision. They have been on the market for a very long tie, and anyone who enjoys skateboarding knows them. Their decks are solid, durable, and great for street skateboards. Choose a popsicle deck if you’re a beginner and buy trucks, wheels, and bearings from the same brand. Like that, you’ll know that you have a quality skateboard.


Now you know what the top 5 brands you should know about or can trust are. As you can see, all of them are famous for almost the same reasons. When a brand has been on the market for a very long time, and when they propose quality products, people will always come back and buy new things. So you can be the next one.

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