Sports that you Can Now Play Online

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Who doesn’t love spending time playing their favorite sports?

Unfortunately, considering the conditions rose from imposed lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that just about every aspect of life has been closed down.

Since most of the activities have been shut down to control the effect of the COVID-19 spread, sports have suffered colossally.

Sports that you Can Now Play Online

However, technology comes to our rescue here as many game developers have decided that it’s high time to design sports games that people can play online.

Not only playing these sports will ensure you stay involved in doing what you love the most, but these games will also entertain you.

We are sure that the sports games mentioned in this blog will make for a great way of spending your time in the imposed lockdown!

So, let’s get going:

1. Football Manager ‘21

When it comes to PC gaming, people usually consider the competitive side of gaming, AKA eSports gaming. But, there is another picture of PC gaming as well.

Sports games such as Football Manager ‘21 are perfect if you want to add a strategic touch to your favorite sports games.

In Football Manager ‘21, you will be playing from the perspective of a football manager. Your job will be to manage your squads and pretty much everything that happens off the football ground.

This game comes with databases of just about every football player. Additionally, it also includes their playing style and their potential as well.

So, in conclusion, this game lets you be the best football manager to ever exist!

2. Pro Cricket Champion

Games based on mobile can be just as much fun as games on a computer.

Moreover, mobile gaming also has an edge as you don’t need any high-end specifications to play these!

Getting back to the topic, this mobile game by Unlimited Gamez Mo is the perfect solution for dealing with boredom for all the cricket fanatics out there!

This new hyper casual cricket series game features an animated batsman facing different types of balls. This game will put your cricketing skills to test as you need to make the perfect hits.

And anyone that plays cricket knows that you will need to time your shots ideally to get the perfect hits!

As you keep progressing, the game keeps getting challenging and more challenging. Since this game will challenge you to do your best, we are confident that you will have a fantastic time playing this game!

3. FIFA 21

When we talk about the next big thing to eSports gaming on PC, FIFA is the perfect game.

This game is the perfect option for people who love playing and watching football and those new to the gaming scene. While you may need to read many guides to start playing an eSports game, this game’s simple objective and gameplay do not cause problems for rookies!

FIFA is known to be one of the best games for the PC gaming community. While this game may have received some bad reviews from critics, any football fan would still love playing this fantastic game!

4. FIFA Soccer

This game is the mobile alternative to the PC version of FIFA.

While this game does not qualify as a mobile eSports game, it is the perfect option for spending some quality time all on your own!

Moreover, we wouldn’t be wrong if we said that this game happens to be one of the most popular games available for mobile platforms. Based on their accurate versions, this game will blow you away with its full roster of about 550 different soccer teams.

In addition to its vast roster, the mobile gamers also endorse FIFA soccer for its fantastic graphics.

5. Grand Mountain Adventure

For the people that love skiing, this game hits the sweet spot.

This game comes off as an open-world game and is acclaimed by many gamers for its fantastic graphics. The incredible graphics make the person live the action of skiing as they play this game.

In addition to a significant level of detail, this game also comes with intuitive controls and a lot of stuff to keep the players occupied for a good, long time!

Since this game has about five mountains for the users to explore, we are sure that you spend plenty of time skiing on your phone!

6. Madden NFL 21

Any true Madden fan would rejoice at the thought of their favorite game coming to the PCs finally.

Unfortunately, Madden NFL happens to be the only choice for people who love playing Rugby/American football. However, this game does have a silver lining to it.

The PC variant of Madden games does not include many different bugs that the users observed on the console counterparts. Additionally, it also comes with great detail of graphics which would mark the gaming experience as surreal!

7. NBA Jam

“EA games” is one of the most renowned game developers that we see for mobile or PC gaming.

Despite so much recognition, EA sports haven’t done anything good for gamers up until now.

This arcade basketball game is so addictive that you will find yourself glued to your smartphone as this game is the perfect appreciation for the spirit of Basketball.

You will compete with other basketball lovers in this game, so make sure to give your best every time!

8. Golf With Your Friends

When we talk about golf, this game is the perfect virtual representation of actual sports!

Coming with a very literal name, this game allows you to play this game with as many as 11 friends simultaneously!

This game introduces various types of mini-golf courses which you will need to clear by potting the ball in the hole.

Moreover, it also has a touch of powerups which makes it a tad bit more fun. For example, the freeze powerups in the game allow the users to freeze the ball of the opposing player.

Finally, if you have an eye for detail when it comes to golf, the editor mode of this game will bode well with you!

9. PES 2021

PES 2021 is very much similar to what FIFA has to offer. It only takes a true football fan to see the difference between the both of them.

This game makes a good choice considering that it gets regular updates annually and looks very realistic for a mobile game.

As you play this game, you will have the option to create your team and pick the best players from all the teams.

Since this game features simple controls and excellent graphics, you will spend quality time compared to a much more aggressive FIFA!

10. THPS 1 + 2

The remake of this game is perfect for people that love skating games.

This remake gives a modern touch to a classic game which makes it even more fun to play!

Playing this game is very much like playing the actual classic match. So if you are looking to skateboard with your friends or see how well you compete with other skateboarders around the globe, this game is the perfect option.

Coming with more significant levels and improved mechanics for the better part of the decade, we are sure that this game will keep you hooked!

Final Words

We understand that this lockdown is getting a little too much for you. Especially, it feels very heart-wrenching not to be able to do what you love doing the most.

Sometimes, the thirst for what you love doing is so intense that all the lines and reason go out of the window.

And we understand where you are coming from, which is why we have provided a solution for your boredom.

Here go all the online sports games that you can play to keep yourself posted on the action!

Whether mobile gaming or PC gaming, we have listed some of the best options to play on both platforms.

However, if you believe that we have left something off the list, feel free to share your pick for the best sports games in the comments!

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