A List of the Best Pet-Friendly Countries Worldwide

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Most pet owners are aware that travelling with their canine family members is not an easy undertaking because not everyone feels at ease in their presence. There are usually limits on whether dogs are allowed in eateries, theatres, hotels, auditoriums, and many other public venues. Check out this list of nations that have established a reputation for being the most pet-friendly throughout the world if you have a pet and are considering moving abroad.

A List of the Best Pet-Friendly Countries Worldwide

1. France: One nation with a reputation for having fairly lax dog laws is France. Even the most opulent chateaux will be delighted to welcome your dog, either free of charge or for a little premium, according to a Telegraph story. And one more tidbit of knowledge that will excite any dog lover is the fact that even at some restaurants in France, puppies find their own places at tables.

2. Switzerland: You’ll be glad to hear that the Swiss have a very high esteem for dogs if you’re an animal-loving individual contemplating an overseas move with your own pet. In fact, new owners are urged to enroll in a training program before taking a puppy home. The fact that pets are treated with the highest dignity in such a country should not come as a surprise. Indeed, it is referred to as ‘an oasis for animals’ throughout the nation. “Nearly every restaurant I’ve been inside makes a great effort to accommodate us”, as one dog mom from Switzerland put it. “I’m no longer surprised when someone offers me dog water as soon as we sit down”, she adds.

3. Canada: Are you intending to travel to Canada and bring a pet with you? If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to learn that the well-known Canadian generosity extends to both people and pets. In comparison to most other cities in the globe, Calgary boasts more off-leash areas than Vancouver, which includes eight dog-friendly beaches and a pet-friendly ski resort.

4. Germany: Germany is frequently mentioned as the country that other nations should emulate when it comes to treating stray animals humanely. The nation firmly adheres to a no-kill policy, and Berlin is home to the largest animal sanctuary in all of Europe, which is home to approximately 2,000 animals (horses included). ‘Dogs are a very significant part of daily life in Germany and, as such, are treated with respect as any family member would be,’ author Michael Barmish once observed.

5. Netherlands: What is one of the nicest things about travelling with a pet to the Netherlands? They can travel for free on any public transportation, and depending on their size, they can travel on trains for just 3€ for an all-day pass while sitting in your lap or in a carrier. The Netherlands is a terrific spot for you and your dog to experience the various open-air outdoor attractions like parks, the Amsterdam canals, the attractive neighborhoods, and more. However, like many places, your pet will need the right papers and vaccinations to visit. Amsterdam was even recognized as the Netherlands’ animal-friendliest city in 2019. We’re eager to come visit with our own animals.

6. Japan: Even while the bustling streets of Japan’s bigger cities, like Tokyo, may not seem like the ideal place to travel with your pet, the nation has made significant progress to foster a pet-friendly culture and atmosphere for both its citizens and tourists. Japan has a lot to offer dog owners, including approximately 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly workplaces, roomy parks, pet businesses, and even a dog-friendly mall, the Machida Grandberry Mall. The pets will like going to the stunning beaches of Japan, where they may play in the waves and run. To avoid any problems upon arrival, make sure to read Japan’s passport regulations for animals before taking out for the nation.

7. Austria: One of the all-time favorite places for pet owners to go is Austria, which is not just one of the dog-friendliest towns in the world with some of the most cutting-edge animal rights policies. When taking your dog to Austria, you must follow all applicable EU regulations. Your dog must be microchipped, have a pet passport, and have received a rabies vaccination at least 21 days before to crossing the border if you are travelling to Austria from another member of the European Union or from some other nations, such as Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Dogs are permitted on all modes of public transportation in Vienna (underground, trams and buses).

Final Thoughts:

It’s a good idea to conduct some research and learn as much as you can about pet travel before selecting the best vacation spot. If so, you may research which airlines have the finest pet policies, which ones let pets travel in the cabin, and which ones are the friendliest to dogs.

Learn the fundamentals of pet travel, particularly the bureaucracy, after you have an idea of the best airlines. It’s best to find out in advance whether you need to bring your pet’s medical documents, get pet health insurance, or even acquire your animal a pet passport or ID. Regarding whether and how a pet may fly, different airlines have varied policies. Your pet could be allowed to fly with you either in the cabin or in the cargo hold, depending on the airline. Beforehand, confirm this with your airline. Make sure to research pet-friendly lodging before your trip and make reservations. It’s advisable to gather all the relevant information in advance because pet-friendly hotels sometimes only have a small number of rooms available for guests with dogs.

You should also think about your pet’s comfort. Ask your veterinarian for advice. Sedatives and tranquillizers should not be used during flights, according to the International Air Transport Association, as they might endanger wildlife. Before leaving home and once again before arriving, take your pet for a walk. Check in as late as you can to avoid stress if your pet is permitted in the cabin.

All of this can seem a little too stressful. Thus, if you intend to travel abroad with your pet, you can get in contact with reputed international movers like Writer Relocations to avoid any hiccups while you can concentrate on having a great time with your furry pal!

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