7 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health

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7 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health

I am a huge advocate for health – mental health specifically. When we aren’t in a good place mentally, our whole life is in shambles, and it can be difficult to get it back in order. Over the years I have adopted a few methods in order to stay sane and keep my mind in a healthy, functional state. Here are seven ways that you too can maintain good mental health and stay thriving.

1. Think Positively

Though it is often easier said than done for many of us, thinking positive thoughts will be the driving force behind keeping your head on straight. As you probably have heard before, you can’t expect a positive life with a negative mind, so it is vital that you monitor your thoughts. Speak life into your experiences by reciting affirmations and expressing gratitude. Focus on what you have instead of what you lack. Even in the midst of unfavorable moments, always remind yourself that those periods will pass and better things are always on the way. (Learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive ones.)

2. Take Care Of Yourself

Let’s face it, if you don’t prioritize yourself, no one will. Because of this candid truth, you have to be your biggest supporter, nurturer, and caretaker. Taking care of yourself means checking in with all aspects of you. Exercise, meditate, rest, find a new hobby, and develop your talents. Do anything and everything that puts your mind and body in a better space. Make doing for yourself a must, and don’t feel obligated to schedule your life around the needs of others. Do things on your own schedule. Don’t feel guilty about not taking your neighbor to the grocery store because you have a date with the gym, and no, it is not your job to babysit your nieces and nephews every weekend (unless you want to). Reclaim your time and assess your responsibilities and you will soon begin to experience a spike in your mental health.

3. Treat Yourself Often

Celebrate each small win just as you would a huge victory. In fact, treat yourself for no other reason besides the simple fact that you deserve it. Whether you have had a bad day or have made a costly mistake, you still deserve good things in life – and if you don’t honor that truth, who will? This doesn’t mean that you should overly indulge in sweet desserts (though snacktime in moderation has never hurt anyone), but you should pamper yourself because you are just that special. Buy yourself a new outfit, treat yourself for drinks, eat at your favorite restaurant, or go out dancing. Do whatever feels good to you and do it often.

4. Validate Your Emotions

Oftentimes our mental health suffers because we don’t give adequate attention to our emotions. For various reasons such as low self-esteem or to avoid feeling like a bother, we either suppress our feelings or allow others to manipulate them. These acts make the top of the list of reasons as to why many people suffer from depression and overall blues. You must understand that your feelings are an integral part of your being and they must be addressed and given the proper validation. Speak up for yourself. Be open about how you feel and don’t let shame or fear of judgment or disappointing others stop you from speaking your truth. If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will. Understand more about self-validation.)

5. Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life

No matter how hard you try to stay on the upward slope, if the people around you don’t mean you well, you will become tainted. We often keep people in our lives due to trivial reasons such as biological connection, the length of the friendship, to avoid looking bad, and in order to be liked. These silly reasons cause us to constantly feel inadequate, insecure, taken advantage of, and will ultimately cause a decline in our overall wellbeing – save yourself the trouble and get rid of the dead weight. If someone isn’t adding value, support, or love to your life, they have no business being in it. Your loyalty should always remain to yourself.

6. Do For Others

This does not include running to the rescue of your freeloading “friends” and family members – stay away from situations that will make you feel used or taken advantage of. Instead, find a way to help others that are facing unfortunate circumstances or are not in a position to help themselves. If you have it to spare, try donating to a good cause by use of money, clothing, household appliances, or other things that can be a blessing to another. Volunteering is another great way to lend a helping hand. Help out at your local shelter or play bingo with the patients at the nursing home. Giving back not only gives you a sense of gratitude, but it also reminds you of how important you are and how the world is a better place because of your existence. Learn more about how volunteering can work wonders for mental health.

7. Visit A Therapist

Sometimes there is only so much that you can do on your own and your family and friends just don’t have the capacity to offer the help that you may be needing. In times like this, never shy away from professional help from those at Apricus Townsville mental health services. Visiting a therapist can help elevate your mental health to unheard of levels as you are able to communicate freely with someone who specializes in helping people dissect their lives and address issues that are both apparent and hiding in the shadows. These sessions will make you more aware of what bad habits are impeding on your health and how you can grow past them.

Say yes to dedicating your life to being in good spirits. You are deserving of mental clarity, happiness, and peace. Reach out to Psychology Toowoomba Regional & Rural today to help you regain control over your mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

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