7 Tips to Maintain a Clean and Working Home Drainage System

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Aside from electricity, plumbing and drainage are one of the necessary utilities that need to always be maintained in our homes. However, normal wear and tear can cause these utility systems to get damaged, or worse, inoperable.
What is a home drainage system?

7 Tips to Maintain a Clean and Working Home Drainage System

Drainage systems are the equipment and accessories needed to drain water, fluids, and other wastes within areas where you use water at home. They include the plumbing, sink, filters, pipes, and plugs that help collect fluids and other waste products. The benefits of having a well-maintained home drainage system include:

  • Fewer expenses for repairs and replacement – maintaining your home drainage system means that you will be spending less on replacements and repairs. Always keeping an eye on signs of malfunction can help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • A more sanitary home – when drainage systems don’t work properly, it can be difficult to flush out kitchen wastes, toilet excretions, and other things that can make your home unsanitary. Not only does this affect your home’s appearance, but it can also impact your family’s health.
  • Flood prevention – if you live in an area where rainfall is almost always present, it can be good to have an efficient external home drainage system. This helps you prevent floodwater from coming inside your home.

Seeing the importance of home drainage systems, what are some of the ways we can maintain our drain equipment in top shape? According to Conrad Martens Plumbing Brisbane Northside, here are 7 of the most useful tips.

What are some ways to maintain your home drainage system?

1. Utilize a drain guard

Drain guards help filter out excess waste from getting into your drainage system. These include hard, solid objects which cannot easily be dissolved or the accumulation of oils and hair that may get stuck on certain areas of the pipe. Having drain guards also help sort the waste that can go in your trash instead of the sewer system.

There are different types of drain guards for different needs. For example, there is a drain guard available for sinks in the kitchen, while there are those available for the bathroom in catching hair and solid particles from bath products. Installing a drain guard is a good investment that can help maintain the integrity of your home drainage system.

2. Don’t forget to use a drain cleaner

One of the ways to maintain your home drainage system is to regularly use drain cleaners. A sign that some debris has been stuck in your pipes is when water does not go down as fast as usual. However, you don’t have to wait for this occurrence to happen to care for your drains. You can easily use a drain cleaner at least once a month by following package instructions and washing the solution down with boiling water.

Drain cleaners can help dissolve hard blockages which cannot be lifted by other tools.

3. Apply boiling water regularly

If you use your sinks heavily, it can be a great help to always apply hot water to your drains at least once a week. Boiling water can help dissolve oils especially for the kitchen sink and wash away liquids that have hardened especially in the toilet sink and tubs.

This may be a tedious weekly task, but it will surely pay dividends if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home drainage system. Not only is it cost-effective, but it can also prevent large blockages that will cause you to seek Toronto Drain Repair or replacement of your home drainage system.

4. Clean your garbage disposer regularly

Garbage disposers should also be cleaned at least once a month. Using a disposer brush, you can scrub the garbage disposer to rid of food smells. You can also use a solution with lime or lemon, or apple cider vinegar to help neutralize bad odors. Additionally, you can flush the solution out with cold water as exposure of the garbage disposer may emit smells around the area.

5. Wash pets outside when possible

Another helpful tip for those who want to keep their home drainage system clean is to wash their pets outside the home. Often, the external home drainage system can handle heavier blockages and debris. Large pets can often accumulate fur and dirt which can clog regular tub drains quickly.

However, if washing your pets outside is not possible, it can be good to take measures to catch wastes by having a separate tub for bathing. Be sure to install drain guards when you regularly wash your pets at home. Many pets who have fur shed a lot during bathing, so it is important to keep them away from your tub drains.

6. Be wary of home drainage problems

Maintaining a clean and working home drainage system also involves close inspection of any problems that are related to your waterways. A common sign would be seeing water drain down slower than usual. Another sign would be seeing leaks in places where plumbing is, such as inside kitchen cabinets or ceilings or even walls.

When you see the slightest signs such as these, it is important to take note of them and address them right away. Assess the severity of the problem and see if you can take care of it yourself or whether you need a professional to do it for you.

7. If all else fails, seek help from a professional

Not all people are handymen, and not all problems can be solved through DIYs. This is why there are experts who can handle home drainage problems that have gone haywire. Do not attempt to fix a drain problem if you are not 100% sure about it as it may exacerbate the symptoms if done wrong. It is better to seek the help of experts when it comes to moderate-severe home drainage problems so that you can also get advice on how to maintain it better later on.

Your home drainage system can be in top shape if you follow these tips. The principle behind keeping your utilities well-maintained is simple: Having a consistent cleaning schedule and watching out signs of wear and tear.

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