7 Things to Expect after your Baby is Born

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Having a baby is a big step in life. Bringing entirely new life in the world is an amazing thing that will ultimately touch on all areas of your life. People know their lives will be changed after having a baby. If you’re about to have a baby any time soon, it’s a good idea to understand the sort of life changes you can expect. Knowing what to expect can help you better understand such changes. It can also help you embrace your new life and the new life you’ve brought into the world.

7 Things to Expect after your Baby is Born

Different Priorities

New parents are often thrust into an entirely new life in ways they did not expect. They’re no longer free to pop out and go clubbing on Saturday night. Getting out of the house now involves making sure there’s a way to bring the baby along with you and keep the baby happy in the process. The baby must be kept in a safe place and kept warm. You need to make sure that you all you need to feed the baby, change the baby and help the baby relaxed before you leave and once you’re there. You’ll find that staying home as often as possible, at least for the first few months, is simply easier and less stressful.

Less Sleep

Newborns actually sleep a lot. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to sleep most of the time. The problem is they rarely sleep for more than an hour or two at a time if that. Parents are often startled at how little babies sleep. It is extremely rare for a baby to sleep more than five hours at most. More commonly, the baby will start to nap for half an hour, wake for another half an hour and then go back to sleeping for an hour before sleeping again for a short time. Parents will need to keep a close eye on the baby when it wakes.

As a new parent, you can expect a lot less sleep. Your baby may wake, start to cry and then keep crying for an hour or longer for very minor problems. Babies sleep fitfully. They are easily wakened. Expect to spend a lot of your time thinking about how much sleep the baby’s getting in any one twenty-four cycle. Expect to spend even more time thinking about how little sleep you’re getting as you try and get the back to sleep a dozen times a day.

Crying Babies

Crying is another thing babies do and do fairly often. Many parents quickly come to recognize their baby’s specific sounds. Babies cry for many reasons. They cry because they’re hungry. They also cry because of a wet nappy, because they’re in the wrong position, too tired or for one of a dozen different reasons. As a new parent, you can expect a lot of your time to be devoted to trying to figure out why your baby is crying and how to get them to stop. It’s best to be prepared and understand this is a normal infant process.

The Need to be Organized

In your old life, you grabbed what you needed and ran out to the store. No longer. You’ll need to be organized even before the baby shows up. The baby’s going to need a place to sleep like a Bassinet by Babyhood that is away from drafts and comfortable. The baby will also need all sorts of other things in their room such as a rocking chair where you can help soothe them in the middle of a painful teething fit and a closet organizer to make sure their clothing is in easy reach. In the house, you want to make sure it’s all clean, neat and organized. As a new parent, you’ll want to make sure that you can get what you need to keep the baby clean, fed, changed and content as soon as possible. You’ll want to have something that lets you carry the baby around as you walk. You’re going to need a stroller that can be folded up in a convenient space in the room as well as a car seat. It’s best to have everything in order before the baby arrives.

Mastering New Skills

Caring for a baby means understanding all sorts new skills you’ve never thought about before. You will want to change the baby quickly. You’ll also want to learn techniques such as the use of swaddling that can help the baby feel calmer. In addition, you’re going to want to know how to warm up a bottle in the middle of a night, make sure the car set is properly positioned and how to best to hold the baby while you’re opening the door and walking the dog.

Recovering From Childbirth

Recovering from childbirth is a process. After delivering a baby, expect to be very sore at least. You may find it hard to move for awhile, especially if you’ve had a c-section. Now is the time to allow your body enough time to heal. Make sure you’re getting enough fluids, eat properly and put up your feet when you’re in hospital. Let the staff pamper you for a few days as you recover. At home, let your partner do a lot of the heavy lifting and household chores as you get the rest you need.

Getting Back to Work

Caring for baby and recovering after childbirth will take some time. Women are entitled to maternity leave. Figure out when you’re going to return to work after you’ve given birth. Many workplaces offer on-site daycare. If not, you’ll have to make arrangements on your own. You might decide to go back to work part-time while your partner works full time. It’s best to think of these arrangements and work them out before the baby arrives. It’s also best to allow some flexibility. This way, you change if your plans change.

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