7 Healthy Bonding Activities for Mommies and Babies

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When raising a newborn, a mother often wants to know some of the most effective and healthy ways to bond with their child. There are a ton of different things to try and ultimately it is most important to do what feels natural. As long as it leads to a healthy development of your child, feel free to give it a whirl and see if they enjoy it. Every kid is unique and will respond differently to each technique. If you are looking for a few ideas to get started, here are 7 ways mothers and babies can bond in a happy and healthy way.

7 Healthy Bonding Activities for Mommies and Babies

1. Give lots of attention

It is vital to spend as much time as possible with your baby in order to start developing a strong presence in their mind. As soon as the baby begins to cry, pick it up and give it some love. Even if you don’t know what your child wants, giving it immediate care will start to develop trust between the two of you. Maintain eye contact and remain as close as possible to ensure he or she feels the love you are showing. Always put your child first no matter the situation and they will quickly learn how much you care for them.

2. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding as much as you possibly can is a great way to develop a connection and bolster your child’s strength. Not only is the milk incredibly nutritious, but the child will recognize that the nourishment is coming directly from you. This reinforces the notion that you are the number one source of comfort and resources in your child’s life. Talk gently and softly to your baby during this process in order to establish a deeper level of communication. This will make your child even more trustworthy and comforted by your presence. If you’re having trouble producing breastmilk, you can take supplements from Majka and increase your milk supply and get back to breastfeeding.

3. Take the time to learn their preferences

By paying very close attention to your baby’s facial expressions and reactions to various stimuli, you can learn about their likes and dislikes. Even at an incredibly early age, children have predispositions to various things and disdain for others. Keep a close eye on your baby in order to learn what styles of music they enjoy and what their favorite colors are. It is also wise to share your own preferences. For example, point out when your favorite song is playing so your child can also get to know you better as well.

4. Establish a routine

Once you know what your baby likes, you can craft a daily routine to make them feel comfortable or to calm them down when they become upset. Gently rock them in various ways and talk in the voices and tones they like to hear most. Once you know what works, establish it as a regular part of your day. This makes the child feel even more comfortable around you and helps acclimate to their new life. Plus, knowing how to calm them down can be incredibly useful when they inevitably begin to act up in a public place. If you can get them to settle down quickly, you can avoid undue embarrassment when out and about.

5. Sleep with the baby

By laying near your baby at night, you can establish an even deeper connection to them. Once they realize that it is safe to fall asleep around you, they will feel even more comfortable around you during the day. You can purchase a bassinet and attach it to your bed to make this process much easier. It keeps the baby close yet safe since you can’t roll over on them during the night. The close proximity will go a long way to establishing a powerful connection between the two of you.

6. Give them a nice massage

Massages are a great way to provide comfort and health benefits to your child all at once. The pleasurable feeling will make them like you that much more if you consistent;y practice this technique. Also, a message is a great way to boost their health. Massaging your baby relaxes their muscles and increases circulation throughout the body. It is best to do this for about fifteen minutes at night. Your child will be incredibly relaxed which will help them fall asleep faster. Having a better sleep pattern will also contribute to your baby’s overall health and wellness.

7. Stay calm if it’s not going too well

If your baby still isn’t responding to you more positively after trying the previous methods, here are a few more things you can try. Staying positive will ensure the child doesn’t pick up on your distress and get the wrong idea about you spending time with them. Getting on their level and laying down on the floor with them is a great way to connect with them in a more personal manner. Singing and dancing with them is also a great way to show that hanging out with you is a fun experience. Finally, play with them during every opportunity. Even something as unpleasant as a diaper change can be a great way to connect with them.

With all of the tips above, you should be well on your way to developing a strong, loving bond with your baby. It is vital to be a source of both comfort and fun for your child in order to build trust in their eyes. Plus, reducing their stress is a great way to ensure they become stronger and maintain a HealthyBody. Incorporate as many of the above methods into your daily process as you can in order to see results that much faster. Every mother deserves the love and adoration of their child and with a little work you can achieve it with ease.

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