5 Reasons Why you Should Shift to Consuming Loose Tea

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Tea is a common beverage around the world, but the method of consumption differs among users. Some people use it in the form of tea bags, while others prefer loose leaf tea. The beverage is allowed in all age groups, plus it is suitable for all seasons as it can be served hot or iced. The main reason why most of us take a cup of tea in the morning is for refreshment, but the benefits of tea go beyond refreshment. Studies have shown that each type of tea has its health benefits, and regular tea intake can improve your health.

5 Reasons Why you Should Shift to Consuming Loose Tea

Most of us must have preferred tea bags over loose tea, but the on-going discussion about the disadvantages tea bags have influenced most tea users to switch from tea bags to loose tea. The main argument is that tea bags contain glue and bleach residues that users end up consuming. If you have not yet made your decision, below are some advantages of loose leaf tea that you probably didn’t know.

Better for the Environment

If you are passionate about the environment, you should distance yourself with the tea bag online shop and start using loose tea because it has no plastic. Most of the tea bags online adverts will market the product ad biodegradable, but the truth is that there is plastic in tea bags that make them less compostable. A tea bag may seem small, but the impact is enormous, considering that the UK alone consumes six million cups of tea every day.


Just like any other product, there are different grades of tea. People who buy loose tea are assured of the best taste and health benefits as it is of the highest quality. Loose tea retains its original value as it is handpicked, and only the newest growth is harvested to ensure the best freshness and flavor. If you never knew, the tea that goes into tea bags, on the other hand, is the lowest quality. The tea is known as dust or fannings and is sold in tea bags as it cannot be sold as loose leaf. The small nature of the leaves means they release more tannin, hence losing much of the natural oxidants and the aromatics that are responsible for the flavor.

Fewer Chemicals

Another reason why you should avoid tea bags and buy loose tea (even when there are tea bag offers)is the fact that tea bags manufactures add plastics like nylon and polypropylene to strengthen the bag. Others go to the extent of washing the tea with dextrose to cover the flavor and treating the bags with epichlorohydrin. All these chemicals will get into your tea when you add the tea bag to hot water and end up into your body.

Fun When Preparing

Unlike the use of tea bags where you only prepare the hot water in the kitchen, Loose tea users have a lot of mindful moments when brewing their tea. You will have the opportunity to smell the aromas and also watch how the color of your tea changes as it continues to boil. These are some fun little things that you miss out when you use a tea bag.

Cheaper Cost

Most people believe that consuming tea in its loose form is more costly than using tea bags. All you need to do to overturn the tables is to purchase an infuser. The infuser will allow you to explore different types of tea and bring down the cost too. You should also not forget the fact that you can brew most of the loose teas more than once, plus you also avoid the additional cost of the tea bag.

Parting Words

The above benefits of using loose tea over tea bags should help you decide whether to shift from tea bags or stay. The quality of the product is a crucial decision making factor to consider, but loose-leaf also beats tea bags in a lot of other factors. Most of us may have known tea bags from childhood, but it would also be better if you shift to an option that gives you more health benefits and stronger flavors.

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