5 Latest Vape Accessories Technology

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Many people will choose to focus primarily on their vaping kits and e liquids to have a great vaping experience. However, there is so much more to vaping than just kits and e liquids. They call it vaping experience because of how wholesome it is.

This means that inhaling an e liquid and exhaling the vapors of an exquisite e liquid will not give you the satisfaction that you want from your vaping experience. Accessories for vaping make up nearly half the experience. This is because accessories not only add style to your kits, but they also contribute to a better flavor and more vapor production. Drip tips for instance, an accessory, will really affect what type of vapor production and flavor richness your kit produces.

5 Latest Vape Accessories Technology

Here are the 5 latest Vape Accessories technology that will enrich your vaping experience:

1. Drip Tips:

Liquid wastage is a real issue with vaping. Even if you use vape tanks to hold your e liquid in the vaping kit, the liquid keeps leaking out of the tank. Alarmingly, this issue has nothing to do with the quality of the tanks. The most that tanks can do is minimize the wastage, but then too the idea is to avoid the messiness.
On the other hand, if you drip your e liquid onto your coils and wicks, more often than not, you will spill some here and there. Similarly, the most that easy-drip bottles will do is minimize the wastage with plenty of wastage potential still there.

Drip tips put a permanent stop to this wastage problem. You place this accessory on top of your RDA, RTA or RDTA and it will let you just pour the liquid right from there. Drip tips also allow you to skip all the hassle of disassembling your vaping kit to get to the coils. The two most common types of drip tips are 510 drip tips, which have a diameter of 8.5mm, and 810 drip tips which have a diameter of around 12mm. This difference in diameters is important to note since narrow drip tips lead to better flavor while broader ones are known to produce more vapor. No matter what type of Drip Tip you want, you can find it at WWvape.com.


2. Dedicated Cotton Wicks:

A “wick” is the name given to the material that is used to soak up the e liquid before it is vaped. If you are a new vaper, you might not realize how much of a difference a dedicated wicking material can make up when compared to just makeshift one. This already tells you how careless people can be with their wicking material; often vapers will just use plain old cotton as wicking material.

However, this is not a very smart thing to do. When you use just plain old cotton as your wicking material instead of dedicated cotton wicks, you are taking the risk of inhaling parasites that your plain old cotton contain. In addition to that, dedicated cotton wicks are made in such a way that they are tasteless, and hence allow you clearer flavor of the e liquid you are using. So, visit wwvape.com now and get the best wicking cotton that you can get.


3. Tool Kits:

Just like you need dedicated wicking cotton to go with your vape kits, it is necessary that you only get accessories intended to be used with your vaping kit. If you do not, then you will often find yourself looking for a new vaping kit because you either broke your vaping kit, or you just realized that your normal every day equipment cannot help you with the issue that your vape kit has.

It is therefore necessary that you have a toolkit specially designed to work on your vape kit. A typical tool kit will include miniature, but sharp cutters to handle all your wires, Nose pliers that will help you reach in tight spaces in your kit, screw drivers with some bits to handle all the screws in the kit, and a small ohm meter to keep in check the resistance of your coils.


4. Silicon Tips:

Every experienced vaper that loves to vape and keep their vape kit with them while they travel will tell you that your vape kit should be stylish. You know why? Because your vape kit is a part of your overall personality and will speak volumes about you when you pull it out in front of other people. This is why every year millions of dollars are spent on producing accessories with different designs and colors. Moreover, having an interesting vape kits keep you interested and experimenting with all your e liquids and kit, which is how you actually explore better alternatives.
To add all this necessary style to your vape kit, wwvapes.com has been selling silicon tips. These silicon tips come in multiple colors and can be attached to your atomizer to add color and style. Even if these silicon tips to not contribute to your flavor, they are added purely for style.


5. Coil Winders:

Any experienced vaper also knows that coils are a very short-term investment. Very soon, they burn out, which renders them unsuitable for vaping purposes. Of course you can still vape with those burnt coils, but then you will not be getting the pure flavor of your e liquid or the great dense clouds that you so love.

Once the coils do run out, you will have to replace them. Now, you are presented with two choices: to buy coils, or to build them. The answer depends on whether you want to customize your coils to fit your preferences or not. If you choose to buy pre-assembled coils, you will be saving some time but those coils will not be tailor-made for you. If you decide to build coils, however, you definitely will need a coils winder.

Although the process is not as complex, it is very difficult to build a coil without any winders. You can get yourself a coil winder from wwvape.com and enjoy the coil building to its fullest.

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