4 Tips to Make Your SMS Marketing More Effective

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In an age where businesses are investing more and more into SEO and SEM, a lot of marketing techniques get overlooked. One of the most underrated techniques of all that falls in between both traditional and digital marketing is SMS marketing. Text messages have existed for almost two decades now, but that does not mean they are irrelevant today. They are still very useful and can do wonders for your marketing efforts if appropriately utilized.

4 Tips to Make Your SMS Marketing More Effective

Compared to email marketing; text message marketing is more effective as more than 90% of the people open the SMS they receive. If you have recently started using SMS marketing for your business, have a look at these useful tips that can help you make the most out of it.

Use a Modern Mass Text Message Platform

There are a lot of software and platforms out there that help you execute SMS marketing, but you cannot just close your eyes and pick a random one. Before choosing the software, determine its features, and compare it with other options you have. You should look for an app that does not only let you send personalized bulk messages but also enables you to schedule them. You can use a Mass text app like TextSanity as it offers multiple functions from scheduling to bulk uploading. You can quickly import your leads and schedule your messages. This allows you to reach your audience at the best possible time.

Study the Target Audience

Before you begin sending out those text messages to a list of people, make sure you are targeting the right bunch. When you have narrowed down the leads, check their location and purchase history. If you are a car wash service, you wouldn’t want to send promotional text messages or free coupons to people who do not even own a car. The success of your campaign matters a lot on the group of people you are targeting. Also, create different lists for different campaigns so you can target the audience according to the message.

Use Call to Actions

Adding a call to actions in your SMS is an excellent way of improving customer engagement. Do not just deliver the message to them; ask them to take action. For example, you can send them a discount voucher, and you can add a call to action like “Show this text” to get a discount. Other popular call to actions include Text-to-Win, Click Here, Text-to-Vote, Shop Now, and Buy Now. You can do A/B testing to see which call to action had a better conversion rate.

Add an Unsubscribe Option

This is something that the majority of the businesses ignore with their SMS marketing. Having an option to opt-out of the promotional messages is essential. If you keep sending messages to people who do not want to try your product or service at present, they will get annoyed. An unsubscribe option will also tell you which users are interested in your business.

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