4 Reasons Why Recycling is Important

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The world is based around capitalism and consumer culture. People consume and use an immense variety of products and foods, most of which tends to come in packaging of one type or another. This packaging can be recycled in most circumstances, and it is vital that people continue to adopt good recycling practices. The earth is under threat in terms of it being a sustainable place for future generations of humankind to live. Global warming and pollution on a massive scale is now a reality, and everyone has their part to play in combatting this by reducing their carbon footprint and the waste that goes to landfill. Here are just four reasons why it is so important to recycle effectively on a global scale.

4 Reasons Why Recycling is Important

There are finite resources

The planet has an abundance of natural resources, but with the current levels of consumption, this is not the reality. Fuels such as oil are essential in the manufacture of plastics which are used in enormous amounts for a variety of packaging. It is estimated that the world’s supply of oil will run out in only thirty years. It is, therefore, essential to look at how existing resources can be repurposed. For example, recycled plastics can continue to be reused for future generations. If people do not continue to adopt good recycling practices now, they may find that they will need to change their habits significantly in terms of how they store and package products.

We now have highly efficient recycling facilities

Modern recycling facilities can cope with the waste packaging and materials of thousands of consumers. Using state of the art technology such as balers and compactors sourced from firms such as recyclingbalers.com, recycling plants can quickly and effectively recycle, store and transport these materials on an industrial scale. Recycling firms can also monitor the amount of recycling waste produced by each household and incentivize areas where there are low levels of recycling carried out. A century ago, the world simply did not have the technology or facilities to effectively recycle as it does now, and it is imperative that consumers continue to utilize these services effectively.

Keep the oceans clean

It is a fact that plastic takes up to 450 years to biodegrade. This is a huge problem in terms of pollution as plastics can find their way into our rivers and oceans when they are not recycled. This, in turn, pollutes these areas and microparticles of plastics can be eaten by aquatic life, which we then consume. The food chain becomes contaminated and along with pollution, plastics pose a direct risk to human health.

Create jobs

The recycling sector is a growing employer, and by embracing recycling practices whole heartedly, it will help in the creation of new jobs for citizens. In recent years, more companies are priding themselves in producing partly or fully recycled products. The fashion industry is a key proponent of using recycled fabrics and materials in the manufacture of new clothing, and whole cottage industries have become economically viable by specializing in the production of recycled products.

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