4 Reasons Why Commercial Parking Lots Should Be Paved with Concrete

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Choosing the right paving material for a commercial parking lot is more important than you might imagine. Perhaps you are thinking in terms of finding the lowest cost option, which is understandable because you are trying to keep costs low in an effort to improve your ROI. Unfortunately, your initial cost in a situation like this can be misleading. There are other factors to consider, especially if you want to maximize your ROI, which leads us to those reasons why you should choose concrete. It isn’t the lowest cost option for paving a commercial parking lot, but it is the best option. Here are some important reasons why.

4 Reasons Why Commercial Parking Lots Should Be Paved with Concrete

1. Weather Resistant

One of the main reasons why commercial parking lots would do well to be paved with concrete is because this is one of the most weather-resistant paving options available. Concrete doesn’t mold or mildew as easily as some other materials and it will not get soft in extremely hot temperatures like asphalt does. Also, where asphalt tends to buckle or form craters when subjected to extreme heat or cold, concrete maintains its shape and surface.

2. Durable

Of all options in paving materials, concrete is the most durable and much longer lasting than asphalt. It is said that when laid properly, concrete actually strengthens with age. This is where your ROI comes into play. In the beginning concrete costs more to lay than asphalt, but over time it becomes the most cost-effective pavement simply because it is so durable and much longer lasting than the alternatives. Since you will not often need to re-pave a concrete parking lot, it’s a one and done cost whereas an asphalt parking lot’s lifespan is limited. To learn more about just how durable K & E Flatwork concrete truly is, click here.

3. Versatile Design

Another aspect of paving with concrete that many businesses love is the fact that it offers versatility in design. Sometimes parking lots are paved in geometric shapes formed with concrete. Some of the most popular are octagons like a stop sign. These are then laid with adjoining sides, resulting in a huge rectangle the size of the lot. Concrete can even be customized with a stamp to put the company’s logo on the concrete pavers. There is an almost infinite number of shapes and designs and with the addition of a silicone stamped logo, there will be no other commercial parking lot as functional or attractive as yours.

4. Easily Sourced

Concrete is one of the most readily available paving materials. Since it is easy to source, you will find that there are few delays in projects and if that parking lot is the only thing holding up launching your startup, it would be worth its weight in gold – or at least every dollar you invested in the concrete being laid!

All things considered, concrete is your best option for paving a commercial parking lot. You may pay a bit more up front but, in the long run, you will pay much less because of how durable and long-lasting concrete really is.

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