3 Reasons Why It Helps to Have a Screen Recorder

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Having a screen recorder can be a great way to create video content – and odds are you have seen product demonstrations, how-to guides, and various other videos created using it. However even if you are not interested in creating video content of your own, there are many reasons why it helps to have a screen recorder up your sleeve.

3 Reasons Why It Helps to Have a Screen Recorder


If you are not sure how a screen recorder could be help you out, here are three reasons why it could be useful:

● Save online streaming videos

Watching online streaming videos is generally convenient seeing, as you don’t need to wait for a video to finish downloading. However, the one downside of online streaming videos is that you need to be online every time you want to watch them – even if you are watching a video that you have loaded in the past.

While there are several ways to save online streaming videos, none is as versatile as using a screen recorder. By recording the video directly from your screen, it will let you save any video from any platform, including from websites, social media, and within particular apps. For example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder as a Hulu downloader.


● Record video calls

In recent years video calls have become more and more popular on platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and so on. The one feature that most platforms lack however is the capability to save video calls so that they can be stored and referred to at any time.

As you can guess, screen recording will let you overcome that limitation and you can use it to record and save any video call from your screen. The only caveat is that the screen recorder must be able to record both the system audio and audio from a microphone – to capture both sides of the call.


● Preserve ephemeral content

Lots of social media platforms have started to support ephemeral content that disappears after a certain duration of time, e.g. 24 hours. But with screen recording you can preserve any ephemeral content you find useful, or even store a copy of your own content that you may publish on one of these platforms.

In much the same way it can save online streaming videos, you can use screen recording to record and save ephemeral content from any platform or app.

Starting to see the ways in which it could help, if you had a screen recorder handy? Make no mistake there are many other situations in which it could prove useful, such as if you ever want to reproduce a bug or issue you are facing to obtain support.

Overall, it is safe to say that there are lots of reasons you should give screen recording a try. Initially you could use the built-in screen recorder in Windows 10 or MacOS and then move on to a more powerful screen recorder if you feel that you would like to have more comprehensive features at your disposal.

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