12 Fun Fundraising Ideas

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Charity is something that is close to our hearts, however, just simply handing over money may seem too easy. Instead, you might want to get creative with your fundraising ideas to make it feel like you put some real effort in and also to get all your friends and family involved. But what sort of fundraising methods are there?

12 Fun Fundraising Ideas

1. A Dinner Party

A fun and social way that you can raise money is through hosting a dinner party, wherein everyone donates what you would spend on dining out. You might make it more entertaining by setting up a “Come Dine with Me” or “Ready, Steady, Cook” style challenge.

2. A Coffee Morning

Another social and delicious way to raise money is to put on a coffee morning where you bake yummy treats and sell them, donating all the proceeds to charity.

3. A Movie Night

A fun and cozy way to fundraise is to host a movie night, where everyone donates the cost of a cinema ticket. You might even provide and sell movie snacks to further add to the funds.

4. A Pub Quiz

You might want to take on the role of quizmaster and put a pub quiz together to enjoy with your friends. You can charge an initial fee to enter the quiz and also supply your favorite tipple to sell. All your proceeds can then be donated to charity.

5. A Games Night

Whether it be board games or poker, you could gather your friends for a games night where they either pay a fee to play or gamble their cash. When it comes to poker, the winnings would be donated to charity rather than kept by the winner, whilst the entry fee to any games would also be donated.

6. Run A Class

If you have a skill that is the envy of all your friends, you might share this with them by hosting a class. Your friends could then pay to attend your class which you could then donate to charity.

7. Get Creative

Whether you can draw, knit, or bake you can make gifts to then sell, whereby you will donate all your proceeds to charity.

8. Dares

You will be surprised by how much money can be made from taking on silly dares. You can compile a list of dares, assigning a value to each and your friends can pay for you to complete these dares. All the money you raise can then be donated to charity.

9. A Fun Run

Whether you walk, jog, or run, you can be sponsored to complete a fun run in order to raise funds for charity.

10. A Sports Day

For a social and active fundraising method, you might organize a school-style sports day, wherein your friends pay a fee to participate. All participation funds could then be donated to charity.

11. Guess The Number of Sweets in the Jar

One easy way to fundraise is to fill a jar with sweets and have your friends guess how many sweets are in the jar. You should charge a fee for each guess; the closest guess will win the jar and all the proceeds will go to charity.

12. Interest Donations

Anyone with a bank account will acquire interest and it might be a nice idea to donate this extra money to a charitable cause. In some religions, it is not allowed to spend inadvertent interest money in a way that benefits you. However, this idea could be adapted by anyone to make a difference in a needy person’s life.


Any form of fundraising is a great way to contribute to a charitable cause and there are so many ways to get involved!

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