10 Questions to Ask At Bridging Visa a Subclass 010

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Whenever one observes a growing child talking with anyone it is not talking but mostly it asks questions for curiosity gets the better of it! From childhood days till the present there is no other form of art that can elucidate the response that acts as a bridge between the present knowledge and future knowledge needs. So also it is the Bridging visa A which is going to bridge the gap between a present stay in Australia and to the future intended stay.

10 Questions to Ask At Bridging Visa A Subclass 010


About bridging visa:

This bridging visa is for those who find themselves in a tight whirl of a situation where the current visa ends but the stay in Australia is needed for a short period. This visa is transitory, as a sort of bridge as the name itself suggests, between a visa for an important purpose and another expected visa for equally substantive purpose.

The circumstances that may lead to the grant of a bridging visa are –

  • Waiting for the new visa application to be approved after the expiry of the substantive visa as means of interim stay.
  • Visa refusal or cancellation leading to a fresh appeal and waiting for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s decision
  • Waiting for the court’s decision over the visa appeal
  • Over the expected Ministerial Intervention; and
  • Arranging for voluntary withdrawal from Australia as an unlawful non-citizen

Among the six categories of bridging visas, the concern is about only subclass 010

Visa subclass 010

The Bridging Visa A or BVA for short is a subclass of bridging visa A 010 known as visa subclass 010. Remember the words of a teacher who kept on repeating ‘link and learn- link and learn’. The only way to learn is by asking questions linked to one another just like a chain reaction. It is just the proper way of questioning. It is also the best way to have an overview of the bridging visa type of Australia.

10 Questions To Ask At Bridging Visa A Subclass 010

1. What is the nature of this visa?

It is a temporary one issued in the interest of visa holder whose visa has recently expired and a new visa application is being processed. Both the expired visa and the new visa applied to be substantive Bridging Visa A help in tiding over the visaless state for a required short period. 396 words

2. What would be the expected cost of the subclass 010 visa?

This visa is free and there is no need to pay for the processing procedures

3. How long will it take to complete the processing procedure?

There is no specific time limit set for the processing procedure. But once it is granted a notification will be given with the applicable conditions.

4. What are the entitlements possible under this visa?

  • Stay in Australia is legal until the substantive visa application is finalized, or granted by judicial review. These proceedings should be completed to take effect.
  • Can work if the eligibility criteria for working met 504

5. What are the basic requirements for this visa grant?

  • One should be in Australia at the time of applying
  • Having all the eligibility requirements, present in Australia at the time of grant

6. What are the steps to be followed?

There are 5 steps to be followed. They are-

  • Making sure whether the applicant already has a BVA with VEVO i.e Visa Entitlement Verification Online.
  • Collecting the needed help documents in case a person is nominated on behalf of the applicant like –
  • i) Form 956a which will help in appointing or withdrawing an authorized recipient
  • ii) to get Immigration Agent Perth advice, Form 956 which will help in authorising or exempting an agent from giving immigration assistance
  • iii) uploading a written document in ImmiAccount as to the person’s assisting activities


  • Applying for BVA which is similar to the way new substantive visa is applied
  • The application must be on paper in case a bridging visa is essential for judicial review.
  • Be present in Australia along with anyone included in the application at the time of application
  • After applying to follow up to know whether ImmiAccount is in receipt of the application and the status of it
  • Leaving Australia should not be considered when this visa is in effect. In case traveling away from Australia and returning is essential BVB should be applied before leaving
  • Immediate information of any mistakes in the application form as soon as the applicant comes to know about it or any other changes is a must
  • Be ready to receive the outcome of the application

7. Under what conditions this visa may get refused?

  • Submission of weak evidence and unverified documents
  • If there is no synchronization between the provided documents
  • Giving conflicting information
  • Being dishonest in providing real financial status, or relationship status and a false CV, etc are the main conditions under which this visa may get refused.

8. How long one can stay with this visa?

The duration of the stay under this visa will be mentioned in visa details. VEVO is the correct mode to approach to get the desired information.

9. What are obligatory under this visa?

  • Respecting and obeying the Australian Laws and the conditions imposed in the visa
  • Abide by the working conditions as per eligibility mentioned

10. What are the procedures to leave Australia properly?

  • It is good if one does not leave when BVA is in effect. Doing so will nullify the visa
  • Understand that facial and passport recognition is with automated technology.
  • Having proof of Australian visit through international movement records by completing Form 1359 is a good idea.


This systematic method of asking questions requires a lot of thinking before acting as these questions are asked aiming to extract solution to the existing problem. It is just like a crossword puzzle when solved with the right combination of letters makes sense so also the right combo of linked question gives a precise picture of Bridging Visa type A.

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