10 Must-Have Features Every Stock Market App Should Offer

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It is very important to choose a reliable and genuine stock market app with multiple features for your stock market experience. Today there are plethora of options in the market that claims to be the best for stock exchange and many of us trust on them blindly. But it is very important to sail on a safe boat especially when it comes to stock exchange and never sift out an app for your stock exchanges which is not have following features in it. Here are top ten very crucial features that cannot be ignored when it comes to choosing an app for stock exchange.

10 must-have features every stock market app should offer

1. App Must Shows Authentic Stocks Prices and Indices

It is very important for a stock exchange app to update its users with the actual data updates in every second. The price value of a particular stock, market indices and other such data should be authentic and updated.

2. Users Must be Able to Create Custom Watch List of Stocks

There is no single of couple of stocks that are available for investment in modern time and that is why a user invest in multiple stocks. As a result of which he should be able to create a watch list of stocks based on his investment to stay updated about his stocks prices without investigating about the others.

3. Providing a Glimpse of Financial News

It is very obvious that the stock market in controlled by the multiple forces and that is why it is very important to stay updated with the latest news from the finance world to have an idea about future prices of the stocks whether they will increase or decrease.

4. Easy Track on the Investments

The fourth and very important feature of a good stock exchange app is that it should allow the users to have a gaze at their investments in fraction of seconds. Today nobody is having time to check out the detail records of their investments and that is why easy tracking on funds and stocks portfolio make it happen for them.

5. Better Presentation of Stocks Data

The app should be able to represent the stocks related data through graphical and analytical way to make it easy for the users to understand and analyze the stocks to invest in the best stocks by analyzing the data.

6. Sending Important Notifications to Users

This is one of the very important feature that every investor should check out in his stock exchange app where the users are updated with the rise and fall in the prices of the stocks immediately. At the same time the app should also aware the users about a sudden breakout of any important news or regulations regarding the stocks.

7. Easy Finance Management for Users

This feature plays a significant role for those who are a bit shaky about getting an idea about the calculation and management of their returns of investments. At the same time such features also enable users to get an idea about their returns in their currency when they are making investment overseas.

8. Perditions Based on Research

It is very important to note that every investor want a prediction about the future prices of stocks and that is why a research based prediction for all the stocks should be provided by the app.

9. Security of Users

Every user who invest in the stocks is always worried about their documents, online data and financial cards etc. So app should be able to use encrypted data form of credit and debit cards that are used for deposits.

10. Tutorials and Guidance on Investing in Stocks

The last and very important feature that an app should have for stocks exchange is that it must provide guidance to invest in which stocks to the users through blogs, articles, tutorials and such other ways.


So the above features must be acquired by an app for stock exchange in easy way. Make sure that you are using an app which is fully equipped with all these features so that you can take a sigh of relief and invest by doing proper research and analysis.

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