Will Home Cleaning Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus and Other Infections?

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Since the beginning of 2020, the terrific pandemic situation has threatened the entire world due to the massive Corona outbreak. From first world countries to all the third world countries had become victims to this deadly disease. The origin of the Corona Virus has been recorded in China. Billions of people have been infected by the fatal coronavirus in the previous as well as the running year. The virus had spread in different forms in different climates and weathers. Symptoms like fever, body ache, cough and cold, throat sore, diarrhoea are noticed in the virus-infected patients. A large number of people all across the world had lost their near ones in this pandemic.

During this critical phase, people have understood the significance of cleaning and disinfecting personal belongings properly. Coronavirus gets transmitted from one person to another via body contacts and touch. A person can spread the germ through sneezing or coughing in public. Polluted objects and skin are the most vital factors behind the major outbreak. Any kind of public gathering was banned by the governments to prevent the disease initially. Corona infected patients are quarantined in a room alone for 14 days to treat the people and resist other people from getting infected by the disease as well.

Will Home Cleaning Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus and Other Infections

One thing that happened during this course is that people understood the benefits of cleanliness. Individuals started to keep themselves and their belongings clean daily to overcome the Corona threat. On a special note, the families with older people, babies and weak people started to take care of the precautions very well. That is why cleaning has become more important than ever. Different companies work for Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore.

Difference between cleaning and disinfecting

Apparently, cleaning and disinfecting are alike. There are very basic differences to distinguish one from the other. Cleaning implies the removal of organic elements from the surfaces, like dirt and germs. Cleaning is essential for any household to keep the ambience healthy and hygienic.

On the other side, disinfection indicates the application of chemicals to kill the germs inside and on the surface. House Cleaning Services in Bangalore has been top-rated for a long time. The agencies have become more equipped after the Corona outbreak.

How long does Corona Virus survive on the surface?

The exact lifespan of coronavirus is not static. According to various recent researches, the coronavirus remains alive on the surface for 72 hours if not cleaned. After this period is over, the virus dissolves. Fortunately, the virus does not exist in the air. It is indispensable to take a full bath after returning house from any public place.

The Things mostly infected by Virus within the house?

It isn’t easy to say. The germs are not visible. Therefore, it becomes more dangerous to fight against an invisible enemy. Whenever someone sneezes or coughs, there remains the possibility of transmission. Hands are much responsible for the contamination of this virus. Individuals use their hands to do any work or deliver one item from one place to another.

Consequently, the things that get touched by an infected hand get polluted on a definite note. The often touched items, like mobile phone, switches, water bottle, fridge door, door handles and taps etc. that are touched by many people in a day are most likely to be contaminated. In case there is a child in a house, this issue needs to be more taken care of. Children touch everywhere with their hands. Not only they act as the medium, but they are also the most vulnerable victim of any virus.

Products to use clean and disinfect

Various chemical and herbal products have been suggested to disinfect the germ from the body, clothes, and other accessories. Individuals are strictly instructed to take a head-to-toe hot water bath after returning home to clean the body thoroughly. The virus consists of a small structure, and therefore it cannot endure the effects of strong chemicals for long. To get rid of the virus, one can use,

  • Soap and Shampoo to clean body and hair
  • Detergent to wash clothes
  • Phenyl and Bleaching Power to clean and disinfect the floor.
  • Germ-protect Dish Washer Gel to scrub utensils.

Besides, branded antibiotic liquids are beneficial in this case, like Dettol. The usage of sanitizer’s has increased a lot among people to disinfect the germs from hands.

Individuals are very concerned with house cleaning. Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore is very popular among the citizens. Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore comes under the Home Cleaning service only. The agencies provide a number of workers to clean and disinfect people’s house with a warranty. One needs to clean the things based on their surface.

Various items in a house are to be disinfected and cleaned during the pandemic situation at an alternative phase. The things mentioned below

• Furniture

Furniture is one of the major items of a house that must be cleaned on a frequent note. Furniture like cupboard, showcase, Almira, bed, dressing table and sofa are the regularly used items in a house. You can clean the furniture with disinfectants. You may use paper towels and clothes to clean furniture. Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore are very common. People contact the agents of the service companies to clean their house. The process of cleaning is very important. Cleaning only one side of the surface is not enough to disinfect the furniture.

• Dishes and Cutlery

Washing your utensils with a dishwasher and hot water is the most effective way to disinfect your dishes and cutlery set. Utensils need to be cleaned very well to avoid the threat of germs. Especially if there is a kid at home, one needs to take very well care of washing utensils.

• Clothing

Wash the clothes with hot water and detergent. After washing, add some disinfectant liquid to the water. In the case of valuable garments, follow the instructions given by the manufacturers. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your clothes.

Ways to Take Precaution

Surfaces of objects play a vital role in the transmission of any disease. It will help if you clean the things daily using anti-germ liquids.

  • Always clean hands with sanitizer’s outside the house.
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with hands.
  • Wear a mask always outside.
  • Wash hands before having food.
  • Cover your hand while sneezing and coughing.
  • Wash the clothes after returning home.
  • Don’t wear a wristwatch or any jewellery when you are going outside.

Precautions to take when someone is Sick at Home

If a person becomes sick at your home, you need first to isolate the person from other family members. You should use a separate room with many windows and an attached bathroom to keep the person and take care of him/her.

Cleaning becomes a vital factor in the treatment process of your patient. You must clean the room daily with chemical liquids. During the pandemic situation, you must consult the doctor for advice. Health Department plays a significant functional role in advising with proper solutions.

To conclude,

Cleaning has become a fundamental section of daily life to avoid the threats of viruses. One must clean home appliances, furniture to clothes, utensils; everything must be cleaned well. People should wash their hands and clean themselves to protect themselves from any potential danger during this pandemic. Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore serve well the local people with timely services.

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