Why it is Important for you to Know the Size of the Screen from your AV Rental Company

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Handling an event and making it a success is difficult. However, with the support of service providers, it is easier to do so. They are taking care of the little details that transform the bigger picture. Events often make use of AV technology like projectors and screens. One aspect of projector screens that especially needs to be perfect is the screen size. Therefore, ensuring that the right projector size is available for your event is essential.

While some people would argue against projectors, but it is true that they serve the purpose of displaying content optimally. Some recent uses of projectors have been entertaining, to say the least, especially the Lightpool Festival 2018.

1Why it is Important for you to Know the Size of the Screen from your AV Rental Company

People assume that getting the most massive projector screen is the best option out there, but this is not the case. The size of the screen should be according to the limitations of the projector and the viewing distance. Generally, the bigger the screen, the dimmer the projection will be.

Utilizing projectors is common when conducting conferences and meetings. Perhaps you need some technical AV equipment for your event from an Audio Visual Rental Company. If this is the case, Showtech Productions is the best option for your equipment needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should know the size of the projector screen you get from your Audio Visual Rental Company.

The display size matters

According to research, visual information is more likely to be retained in working memory. The technology that runs projectors enables people to present visual information concretely. Knowing the display size beforehand will ensure that the right expectations are set and eventually met. The screen size should be optimal so that on-screen content can be displayed effectively.

When renting AV equipment, it is essential to make sure that the equipment is appropriate. Since display size matters, you should make sure you get the most suitable screen size for your event.

To help you arrange space ahead of time

It would be awkward to find yourself short of sufficient space for the projector screen on the day of the event. The venue needs to be big enough for the attendance, and an adequate space for the projector screen should exist too. Different screen sizes are appropriate according to varying amounts of the expected audience. If you know the size of the screen, it will be easier to prepare ahead of time.

Nobody wants to find themselves in a rough spot on the day of the event. Knowing the size of the screen is essential to avoid panic at the last moment. Ignoring such small details comes at a cost which is not worth it.

To verify if it is suitable for your event

A variety of factors determine whether the screen size is ideal for the event or not. Making sure the screen size is aligned with your personal aesthetic preference is the best course of action. Projector screens serve some purposes in events. If you need a large screen for the event, the smaller screen size will not be helpful for the purpose.
In smaller meetings, a tripod screen is most suitable, but in larger ones, a fast fold screen may be more appropriate. In some cases, a truss screen may also be suitable. When renting AV technology for an event, it is essential to make sure it is suitable for the event. The extensive knowledge of the AV Rental Company can help you get the best screen size for your occasion.

To ensure visibility which is important

Visibility is of utmost importance. Aspect ratio plays an essential role in displaying content on the screen. Content presented on incorrect screen size is visually unappealing. Since the screen should match the aspect ratio of the visual aid, it is necessary to sort out these matters beforehand.

Popular screen sizes typically range between 100 to 120-inches diagonal. These popular sizes are appropriate only if they are giving your content the visibility it needs. You might not know much about screen sizes, but the Audio Visual Rental Company can help you in this regard. It is necessary to avoid compromising when it comes to the visibility of your content.


There are various details to take care of during an event. The suitability of all the audio-visual technology used in your event is essential. Since visual content connects with the audience on a deeper level, it should be displayed effectively. Knowing the projector screen size contributes to higher chances of success. That is why getting the right projector screen makes a big difference. The need for certain screen sizes arises because of the aspect ratio. This is particularly true when presenting certain content.

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