Why is the McAfee Antivirus Scanner Not Working on My PC?

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McAfee antivirus provides excellent scanning and data protection tools and services to the user. When you scan the device from McAfee antivirus; all the malware like viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, adware etc gets removed from the system. When your McAfee antivirus is showing a scanning error, then check for the solution. Otherwise, your system may become vulnerable to many threats and malware.

Why is the McAfee Antivirus Scanner Not Working on My PC

Reasons for getting McAfee scanning error:

  1. Another program is conflicting your McAfee scanner
  2. Your McAfee subscription gets expired
  3. Missing McAfee program files
  4. Windows system files get corrupted
  5. Device junk is interrupting your McAfee scanning process
  6. McAfee antivirus related registry files get corrupted
  7. The user has installed another antivirus on the system

Troubleshooting McAfee scanning error:

Check for the McAfee subscription

When your antivirus tools are not working on the system then you should check for the subscription. If your antivirus gets expired then you can’t access the tool until you renew your McAfee antivirus.

How do I renew my McAfee subscription?

  1. Open the browser and go to the McAfee website
  2. Select the My Account button and enter the credentials
  3. Click on the My Info page
  4. Go to the Subscription button
  5. Click on your McAfee plan and tap the Renew button
  6. A shopping cart page will appear
  7. Enter the payment details for renewal

Click the Renew button and wait for the payment process. After renewing the McAfee antivirus; click on the McAfee icon and run the system scan.

Uninstall other security programs

Never install another security program with your McAfee antivirus. Multiple security programs conflict when they detect any malware on the computer. If the scanning process of McAfee antivirus is interrupting then check for the other program. Go to the Windows 10 Apps folder and check all the installed programs. If you have other security software on the PC and click on it and choose the Uninstall button. After removing it, try to scan with McAfee antivirus.

Check the Windows files

The device scanning process can interrupt due to damaged Windows files. The user needs to repair the file for fixing the error. But do not try to edit the system files manually. You can run the file checker tool which can fix the errors automatically. Windows system file checker tool will run on the PC. It will scan and fix the files. After the process, restart the Windows device and run the McAfee scan.

Check the free disk space

Antivirus shows the scanning issues when the free disk space on your device is very low. The program needs disk space and RAM to process. When your antivirus or other program shows an error while running then check the disk space. If the disk space is very low on your computer then you should add the space. You can also increase the free disk space by deleting the large files like movies and videos. Also, check the RAM usage of your device. If the RAM is full then go to the task manager. Remove all the unnecessary tasks on your device. Now open McAfee antivirus and scan the system.

Clean the junk from your device

McAfee can get into error when the temporary files are interrupting it. These files are usually harmless but you can’t ignore them. When the device has accumulated lots of junk files; they start interrupting other processes. After the temp files, check all the folders on the system. If you have the setup files of the programs which you have removed from the device then delete them. Instead of checking all the folders, users can run the junk cleanout tool for deleting all the system junk at once.

If the McAfee scanning error on your computer is occurring due to the corrupted or missing program files then you have to reinstall the setup. Uninstall McAfee and delete all the program files. You can install the setup from the internet and then run the McAfee antivirus on your device.

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