What to Know About Cali Culture Before a Move Out West

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California’s sunshine and sandy beaches attract people to the state. It boasts the highest population of any state in the country and continues to attract new residents because of the favorable climate and the film industry’s appeal.

Moving to any state requires an adjustment. Each state has a distinct history and culture affecting local politics and lifestyles. Learning about the local culture is a good idea because you’ll be prepared for what to expect while you’re getting settled. Read on to explore some critical aspects of Cali culture you should be aware of before moving to California.

Housing prices are higher

It’s more expensive to buy a house in California. Median home prices are more than double the national average home price. Consequently, you may find yourself buying a smaller house or renting.

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Due to the high home prices, some Californians may place less emphasis on homeownership and property size. Many Californians are free spirits who prioritize experiences and nature over material wealth.

Veganism is prevalent in California

Some vegans don’t use items made from animal products. There are several vegan subcategories, but people embracing a vegan lifestyle agree on avoiding foods made with animal products. Californians can choose from over 150 vegan restaurants throughout the state. For some, embracing veganism or vegetarianism is based on animal rights. Others adopt these practices because of environmental or health concerns.

Embracing vegan food is a crucial part of adopting a vegan lifestyle. The best way to begin your journey to veganism is to learn what foods to avoid and which foods you can consume. Anyone transitioning to veganism must know how to vary their diet to ensure they get the nutrients they need. Popular vegan foods include pasta, bread, rice, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Vegans don’t consume cow or goat milk. Instead, vegan alternatives include soy milk. Vegans consume vegan cheese made from vegetable proteins.

There are multiple health benefits from embracing a vegan diet. You’ll reduce your risk of developing heart disease or getting cancer. You may enjoy some weight loss benefits. While you may need supplements to ensure you get enough vitamin B12 and iron, you’ll consume more fiber and potassium on a vegan diet.

Californians tend to lean left

Californians embrace individuality and tend to lean towards the left side of the political spectrum. That doesn’t mean the majority of Californians are registered Democrats, however. While 49 percent of people in the Golden State are registered Democrats, 21 percent of registered voters are independents. Weed’s legal and gay marriage was legalized in 2008.

California’s one of the most environmentally friendly states in the U.S. The government promotes environmentalism in building practices and uses renewable energy. The government also uses sustainable vehicles. Residents also support environmentally conscious behaviors and adopt measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

California has the biggest economy in America. Although many people associate the agriculture industry with the Midwestern states such as Iowa and Nebraska, California has a thriving agricultural sector. California farms produce nuts, cotton, fruits, vegetables, and cannabis. California also has over 3,600 wineries. The film industry and technology sectors are also vital components of the state’s economy.

California has a strong economy. It’s expensive to buy property in the state, and many Californians practice veganism. Californians also tend to lean to the left side of the political spectrum.

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