What Do Carnations Represent?

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Among many other flowers, carnations have not only a special charm and an easily recognizable spicy aroma but also a deep symbolism. The carnation flower appears in the myths and legends of many countries around the world. Therefore, by giving a bouquet of graceful carnations or adding them as a filler to exquisite flower arrangements, people express certain wishes in the language of flowers. And decoration of halls or rooms using carnations conveys the space a unique atmosphere, solemn and tender at the same time. By buying carnation flowers in bulk, you increase the freedom for creativity when experimenting with flower arrangements. For a smaller amount, you get more stems, which means bouquets will become even more original and stunning.

What Do Carnations Represent

Choose Bulk Carnations with Wonderful Legends

Giving flowers to other people is always pleasant and uplifting. But when a person knows that they are presenting a flower that the Virgin Mary admired or that Zeus called the flower of God (Dianthus caryophyllus), their feelings are intensified. Here are just some of the legends that this magical flower keeps.

Pink Carnation

This unique delicate type of flower bloomed near the Virgin Mary at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, carnations blossomed where the pure tears of the Virgin Mary fell at the Crucifixion of Christ. Therefore, in the paintings of famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, you can see the Madonna with pink carnations.

Red Carnation

There are many legends about red carnations, but most often, they are associated with struggle and victory. For example, during the terrible plague of the 13-14th century that swept across Europe, a decoction of carnations became a saving antidote. Therefore, since then, wishing someone good luck in business or victory in battles, people frequently give red carnations.

White Carnation

Since white flowers symbolize purity of feelings and innocence, they are often included in wedding bouquets. But not only brides fell in love with this charming and delicate flower. Men are frequently presented with bouquets of carnations, so this flower often adorns tailcoats or tuxedos.

Where to Buy Fresh Carnations in Bulk

FiftyFlowers online store has been gently growing the best varieties of carnations on its farms in Ecuador for 20 years. Thanks to the imagination and diligence of breeders, today you can buy carnations of almost any color. FiftyFlowers offers carnations in a palette of 37 shades:

  • White and Ivory
  • Hot and Light Pink
  • Yellow and Chartreuse
  • Purple and Blue
  • Luxurious Reds, and many more

What Are the Benefits of Buying Carnation Wholesale?

  • One of the reasons for the popularity of carnations is the endurance of this flower. Carnation can stay without water for more than a day without losing its excellent appearance. By buying carnations in bulk, you can be sure that no matter how long your celebration is, the carnations will retain their freshness.
  • Carnations are recommended for inclusion in a congratulatory bouquet even for allergy sufferers. They have very little pollen, it is heavy and, therefore, does not spread through the air. Decorating the festive halls with flower arrangements with carnations, you can be sure that all guests will feel absolutely comfortable.
  • Carnation pairs beautifully with many other flowers in bouquets such as roses, orchids, gerberas, and many more. Delicate bouquets of white roses and carnations are among the most popular among brides. Therefore, by buying carnations in bulk, you can make many unsurpassed flower arrangements.

FiftyFlowers lovingly grows its carnations on luxurious farms in Ecuador. Absorbing the Sun of this amazing subtropical country, carnations generously return this energy to the surrounding space. By buying carnations from FiftyFlowers, you give your festive ceremonies a subtle grace, stunning spicy aroma, and magical legends that have accompanied these flowers for thousands of years.

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