Useful Info for Cryptocurrencies Investors

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The advantages cryptocurrencies have over traditional currencies and asset classes make it difficult to deny their worth. Investors looking forward to investing heavily in Cryptocurrencies only of their increasing worth. As we all know cryptocurrency prices have increased and are likely to continue doing so, several consumers who prioritize speed and security in financial transactions find that many cryptocurrencies can meet their needs. There will be fewer and fewer technological barriers to entry as time goes on. Being a crypto investor, it will be a smart move to simplify all your crypto tax and portfolio tracking with the best crypto tax software India. Let’s know more about useful terms and knowledge for an investor.

Useful Info for Cryptocurrencies Investors

How do you file taxes on cryptocurrency?

Since it has been proved that cryptocurrency trading is permitted within India, you can also assume that you will be subject to taxation on any earnings made in this sector. Therefore, understanding the tax implications of cryptocurrency gains is crucial. The Central Board of Direct Taxes requires that anyone who earns money through cryptocurrency does so openly and pays the appropriate tax. For all your crypto tax-related issues use Binocs crypto tax software India.

Crypto and blockchain have spawned unprecedented innovation in various industries, from finance to education to healthcare. If tax regulations are too restrictive, other countries will be able to lead in this crucial area since they will be unable to adapt and innovate.

Mechanism of Yield Farming for an Investor

Decentralized applications, or dApps, allow investors to receive a return on their investment by depositing currencies or tokens into them. Crypto wallets, decentralized exchanges, decentralized social media, and more are examples of dApps. An investor may get benefits through various portfolio cryptocurrency.

Yield farmers commonly use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to lend, borrow, or stake coins to earn interest and speculate on price fluctuations. Smart contracts — code that automates financial agreements between two or more parties – permit yield farming over Defi.

A crypto liquidity pool’s benefits and drawbacks


Trading on the DEX is made simpler using current market pricing for transactions. Allows users to supply liquidity and receive incentives, interest, or a dividend on their cryptocurrency annually. Uses publicly accessible intelligent contracts to maintain the transparency of security audit information.


The fact that a tiny group controls the pool of money works against decentralization. Due to lax security measures, there is a risk of hacker exploits, which could cost liquidity providers money. There is a risk of fraud, such as exit scams and rug pulls. The likelihood of short-term loss In contrast to keeping the assets in your wallet, this occurs when the price of your assets locked up in a liquidity pool swings, resulting in an unrealized loss.

What are the ramifications for investors?

The taxation of cryptocurrency gains should be compared to the taxation of equity market gains. In our nation’s best interest, we should encourage, not discourage, the use of cryptocurrency. Additionally, Indian exchanges require KYC verification of all investors, thus discouraging using their platforms for illicit trades. Finally, the anonymity provided by external global exchanges, rather than the Indian exchanges, will be a deterrent to using Indian exchanges.

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