Ultimate Guide for Learning Big Data Analytics and 5 Skills you Need to Master

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The Big Data field is incredibly vast. If you are planning to make it your career choice by learning it, then it can be a daunting task if you are not sure where to start from.

The technologies related to Big Data are enormous, and it can be overwhelming if you are not following a guided path.

Ultimate Guide for Learning Big Data Analytics and 5 Skills you Need to Master

Therefore, to handle such a problem here is a guide to help you with the right path for learning Big Data and become a successful professional in the field. All you need to do is, follow the right path.

Learn How to Get Started

Once you have decided to learn Big Data, ask yourself, these questions:

What do you want to learn? Is it Hadoop, Kafka, NoSQL, Spark or Disturbed Computing?

Well, to get the right answer to the question, you have to know what genre in Big Data you want to pursue. Study about them thoroughly and then make your selection accordingly.

Moving on,

What’s in It for You in The Big Data Industry?

Before you start learning Big Data from good platforms, you should always ask yourself what role do you want to play in the industry in the first place?

To be precise, a job role in the Big Data industry and a career in Data Analytics can be classified broadly into two categories mentioned below:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Engineering

Although these two fields are distinctive to some extent, they are interdependent.

Big data engineering is associated with deployment, design and maintaining, and acquiring the massive quantity of data.

On the other hand, big data analytics is associated with utilizing the vast amount of data from the system that are designed by the prominent data engineers.

Therefore, now that you have learnt what the scope in Big Data is let’s focus on,

What Skills Do You need to Possess to Become a Big Data Professional?

1. First and foremost, learn to program

To become a full-fledged prominent data analyst and have a career in Data Analytics, you need to possess excellent programming skills. Some of the programming languages that you need to learn are Python, Java, C++, Ruby, SQL, Hive, SAS, SPSS, Matlab, Weka, Julia, Scala, etc.

Sounds pretty hard, right? Well, it would not if you have a proper source of guidance. In order to take help, you can start off with a big data analytics tutorial.

2. The Skill of Data Warehousing

If you are thinking of pursuing your career in Big Data, then you should learn about non-relational and relational database system.

3. Computational frameworks

It will definitely benefit you to familiarize yourself with structures like the Apache Forum, Apache Spark, Apache Samza, Apache Flink, Hadoop, and classic MapReduce. You can get a transparent idea about them if you go for a good big data analytics tutorial.

4. Statistics and Quantitative Aptitude

Learning various technologies is an essential element for Big Data Analytics, but you should not ignore the knowledge of linear algebra and statistics as well. They are considered as the building blocks of Bid Data Analytics.

5. Lastly, Business Knowledge

Last but not least, it is essential to have the optimum business knowledge to succeed in this field. It is always beneficial to have a thorough idea about the domain business presently are working on.


So, these are some of the crucial steps that you should follow to have a successful career in Big Data Analytics. If you follow them right, you can expect a bright career ahead of you in the field of Data Analytics.

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