Tricks To Become A Duck Hunting Pro

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If you are new to duck hunting, you might be looking at guides and learning tips in order to make the right choices. You are probably learning what supplies you need and strategies to make your hunting trip successful. Many ducks hunters use tried-and-true tools in the field. The most important one is the duck call. A good pair of duck hunting waders are perfect for your next hunting trip.

Tricks To Become A Duck Hunting Pro

Duck Calls

When you’re hunting, you don’t want to have to wait for the best opportunity to shoot. You might be waiting a very long time. Instead, invest in a great little tool to help you draw your targets closer. JJ Lares duck calls are a great tool to draw the attention of the waterfowls. They can be single or double reed, but beginners find it easier to learn on a double reed. Single reeds, however, offer more versatility and are preferred by professionals.

Duck Decoys

Along with your JJ Lares call, duck decoys are a useful tool for attracting ducks’ attention to your blind. It takes some effort choosing the right decoys for your location. You don’t want to throw out some Mallard decoys if the are is mostly inhabited by marbled ducks. This will be a dead giveaway to the ducks that something strange is going on and they should be on alert. Learn how to use decoys before just tossing some randomly into the water. You don’t want to overcrowd the decoys together unless the weather is bad. Ducks tend to spread out on nice days and huddle close in high winds or if they are nervous.


JJ Lares calls make it easy to draw the ducks to where you are concealed. Unlike other game, waterfowls can see color. This means you have to make sure to stay hidden from them or they will spot you a mile away. You want to blend into the background and clothing here really matters. You can’t expect them to not notice someone walking around in bright orange, so clothing choice is important. Blinds make a great way to hide away from the ducks’ eagle eyes. The biggest mistake beginners make in their blinds is to look straight up, allowing the ducks to see their face. This will stand out especially well with all the camouflage you have been doing. Wear a mask or make up to cover up your face.

Local Tips

Outdoor stores make the best place for you to learn local tips that can help you get started with duck hunting. They can help you pick out the perfect gear, learn the best local hunting spots, and inform you of any new laws or regulations! Talking to other duck hunters can help you learn quickly. Don’t listen to every tip you get, though. In an outdoor store, everyone thinks they are an expert and you might get some bad advice now and again. Just remember to keep your head and have fun!

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