Top 3 Quora Tips To Drive 4x Traffic to Your Website or Blog

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Quora – is an excellent way to drive traffic to a site. People use questions and answers for this purpose for around 3 years.

Top 3 Quora Tips To Drive 4x Traffic to Your Website or Blog

1. Choose a post in the blog, which has a few examples or strategies you are going to be using as an answer to a link where you are to place it. It is better to refer to the posts out of a blog in one`s answers. Thus, you drive traffic to a site and confirm that your company is an ideological leader in its area.Choose articles with numerous examples and strategies just so Quora users had a reason to click a link answering. Make sure that the post in the blog will be able to answer a question the target audience comes up with. It is a bit less obtrusive and provides with a great value than just a link to a page of a product or a service. It is important not to consider Quora a platform for making sales.



The two most successful types of posts for answers through Quora:

A. Practical strategies:- Oftentimes, when people ask questions in Quora, they want to receive answers, which would be precise when it comes to their problems solutions. Such kinds of answers will generate new questions for you and guarantee you to be valuable.

B. Precise examples:- Oftentimes, Quora users ask for every possible examples in the subjects in order to get this or that answer better.

2. Find a new question to answer or a question with more than 1000 views per week:-

There are a few different ways of searching for right questions on Quora. Here are three the most successful options:

Use a search line. Search on short phrases and key words, which are related to your article (do not use long sentences as long as they do not fit for getting required results).

Look though/follow topics. Each topic has a set of “stories”, which were top answers in their time.

Follow people in your area.  Look through your home line in order to find questions people followed by you answered. In order to guarantee that answers to these questions are going to be worth of your time, keep up with the next two types of questions:

* The latest questions – To view the latest questions first thing you should do is to follow some topics.

*  Questions, which were placed a week ago or later have more than 1000 views. The best thing is to begin with a question, which was asked a week ago and has more than 1000 views. Such number of views guarantees a question to be popular within Quora community: the more people to view your question, the more representation your answer gets.

Unfortunately, Quora does not have filtration option on date or number of views, which is why you are going to spend some time to find such questions by yourself.

As soon as you start answering questions in your niche, people are going to ask you questions they would want to get answers.


3. Answer questions giving useful tips and a back link to a post in the blog:-

Now, when you found the right question, it is time to create a right answer.

A. Answer questions in useful, non-advertising form

B. Give a reason to click a link to the post

C. Use personal pronouns such as “I” or “me”

D. Switch on relevant images or videos

E. Monitor traffic and ROI, received from answers through Google Analytics

Here are the results we monitor on Woopra:

  1. Funnel: process visualisation, which Quora users go through and until updates in the blog.
  2. Signup: shows conversions, which we receive from our answers in Quora. This indicator shows the percentage of traffic, which is subscribed for trial version after visiting a blog. It also provides with an accurate number of registrations.
  3. Upgrade: it is a number of people who subscribed for a paid version of a product. Both, percentages and a precise figure is to be seen here.

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Hopefully this article exhilarated you to start answering questions in Quora or, at least, make the way of answering better. It is important to keep in mind that you should keep the given format for all the questions.

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