Top 3 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments

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The quest for a perfect body structure is the goal of many individuals all across the globe. You practice vigorous exercise and stick to strict diet plans to achieve an ideal body. However, stubborn layers of fat and cellulite do not shed off quickly. Do not worry. You can try out new innovative body contouring techniques to get rid of these extra layers of fat and attain the body of your dreams.

Top 3 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments

Unlike abdominoplasty or brachioplasty the advantage of the body contouring treatments lies in the fact that you do not require any invasive surgery or use steroids to get rid of cellulite layers. It is also favourable in terms of cost efficiency. Here are the 3 non-invasive body contouring treatments which are recommended by the top dieticians.


Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting or fat freezing is one of the most popular body contouring treatments. It is FDA cleared non-surgical process which helps to remove accumulated fat layers from your body with the help of a hand-held suction and chilling device. This procedure uses the technique that adipocyte cells undergo during apoptosis.

In cool sculpting procedure, the two chilled metal plates of the hand-held applicator hold the excess fat layer of your body and destroy them by freezing the cells. You can get rid of fat rolls in your abdomen and waist through this procedure. The primary advantage of this system is it takes only an hour, and there is no downtime requirement. Some patients experience a temporary numbness in the affected area which goes away slowly. You can see noticeable results within 2-4 months period of the treatment.


Radio Frequency Contouring

Radio frequency contouring is another popular body contouring treatment in India which targets the mid-level layer fat, especially in your abdomen. This body sculpting procedure uses thermal, ultrasonic energy to eliminate the lipid cells and stimulate collagen layer to firm up your skin. A hand-held applicator releases ultrasonic heat which penetrates deep into your body to kill adipocyte cells. It is an excellent non-surgical treatment for waist circumference reduction. This high-intensity, focussed ultrasound treatment requires one-hour time, and you can see visible results within 2-4 months.


Cold Lasers

Cold laser is a new addition to the body sculpting treatment. This treatment disrupts the cell membrane of the adipocyte cells, and as a result, the intracellular lipid leaks away from the cell. The body ultimately burns it up or later reabsorbs it. In this process, though the number of fat cells does not decrease, they are much reduced in size, and you can attain a slimmer silhouette. Here laser light stimulation is used, so no part of the gadget touches your body. The laser diode emits cold laser light over the targeted areas.



Body contouring or body sculpting treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive way to remove excess lipid layer from the targeted areas of your body. They are helpful when you cannot achieve a result in spite of regular exercise and strict diet regime. There are many popular body contouring treatments available in India like cool sculpting, radio frequency contouring and cold lasers.

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