Top 10 Digital Marketing Trainers In Delhi-NCR

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The world has gone digital. Today everyone is on the internet either for conducting business, for banking, for advertising, for shopping, for studies, for entertainment or for keeping in touch with their loved ones and so much more. This has opened a plethora of avenues for people in every walk of life like for students, housewives, businessmen, startups, professionals. They can get trained and opt for digital marketing as a career option as this is a booming industry today. The best part about this industry is that the knowledge that the learners gain (during their training) it can be applied across geographies (i.e.) local as well as in the global market.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trainers In Delhi-NCR

Professionals who have worked in this field, over the years, have mastered it and are experts now. These experts have turned trainers. They have decided to share their knowledge and experience with aspirants who want to set foot in the digital marketing industry. These experts contribute a lot of time and develop industry-specific, relevant course material. This relevant material is constantly upgraded based on the latest trends in the domain.

The learners must keep in mind that digital marketing is a broad subject and includes topics like social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, web analytics, website, and content development so on and so forth. Everyone opting for these courses should evaluate the course material basis their interest and end requirements. Having a clear picture of the curriculum keeps them interested and focused.

These experts also ensure that the next generation is taught both the theoretical and practical aspects of this domain. Getting trained by these professional trainers allows the students to get a proper certification and hence, adds to their credibility.

Here in this post, we have tried to bring the list of top 10 best-known digital marketing trainers from across Delhi-NCR. These trainers specialize in one or more than one aspect of digital marketing. The aspirants can choose the trainer based on their requirements.

1. Manoj Kumar:

Manoj Kumar kick-started his career 5 years ago in the field of digital marketing. Since then he has come a long way. In his 5 years long career Manoj has worked on various aspects of digital marketing. He has successfully got top SERP ranking for more than 100 websites.

While Manoj was busy getting his clients’ top ranks in the SERP, he decided to venture into training. So, since 2015, Manoj has moved into training future professionals.

He is also the founder of Insider Academy, a digital marketing institute providing a complete digital marketing course through online video classes.

Specialties: SEO, Web Analytics, Digital Marketing Training & Consultation, Blogging, etc.

2. Sunil Pratap Singh:

Sunil Pratap Singh is a self-educated digital marketer. He has been actively consulting clients into different aspects of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, etc. since 2013.

4 years back, Sunil established ‘Marketer Academy’ and moved into digital marketing training. Marketer Academy specializes in internet marketing skills training and web marketing study content curation. He has been mentoring students, businessmen, and other professionals who are interested in getting into the digital marketing domain.

Sunil is an ardent domainer (with 50+ domains) and a reader and is running 5+ personal websites and blogs.

Specialties: Social Media Marketing, Inbound/Internet Market Analysis & Trends, Facebook Likes conversion to real customers, Online Reputation Management, Inbound Marketing Research Methodologies, and Budget Development & Management.

3. Digital Mathur:

Digital Mathur (Piyush Mathur) is a digital marketing trainer and consultant and is on a mission of creating 1,00,000 digital influencers/entrepreneurs. He loves to share his life journey and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise in digital marketing. In addition to helping businesses in putting their digital marketing setup in place, he wants to reach out to as many aspirants as possible and teach them the art of digital marketing.

Piyush is also extremely passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. In his 5 years career, he has founded Educomshala – A Corporate Training Institute, and Phoebe Media – A Digital Marketing Agency.

Specialties: Digital Marketing Consultation, Digital Marketing Training, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Web Development, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Graphic Designing.

4. Sachin Vashist:

Sachin Vashist is Head, Digital Marketing trainer at Digiperform. He is an Electronics and Communication graduate. With a humble beginning as a desk officer, Sachin has developed his expertise in digital marketing in a career spanning 6+ years.

He is an experienced digital marketing instructor with a proven history in the internet/digital industry. He has been an exemplary trainer at Digiperform with a practical and interactive training methodology.

Specialties: SEO and WordPress.

5. Nitin Malik:

Nitin Malik is a digital marketing consultant and digital marketing trainer. He specializes in advanced marketing automation and CRM systems (Marketo and HubSpot) and is skilled in audience segmentation and persona targeting.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Startups Marketing.

6. Ahonik Mukherjee:

Ahonik has a career spanning 7 years. In these 7 years, he has worked with Datatag India, AMCI Global Solution, SysTools Software Pvt Ltd. and is currently working as a digital marketing specialist/trainer at DSIM.

He has been a digital platform enthusiast from an early age. He loves to share his knowledge of digital marketing subjects through his blogs and YouTube channel. He believes in sharing tips, tricks, and information on digital marketing that he himself practices.

Specialties: SEO, WordPress, PPC.

7. Abhishek Lavanya:

Abhishek is an SEO and digital marketing expert with experience in the IT and software services industry. He became a part of the digital marketing industry at its nascent stage when this concept was just catching the imagination of everybody. Since then he has seen the industry grow and has grown with it from an executive to a senior manager, experienced trainer, and blogger.

He is involved in the in-class training sessions and helps students in the practical execution of the concepts of digital marketing.

Specialties: Content Writing and SEO

8. Amit Tiwari:

Amit Tiwari is a proven name when it comes to digital marketing training in Delhi NCR. He is an experienced digital marketing trainer and is skilled in an entire gamut of digital concepts and assets. Amit trains students through both online and offline classes covering basic to advanced level concepts. He has trained more than a thousand students from various walks of life.

Amit is a Google Ads certified digital marketer, currently working at Digiperform as a digital consultant and trainer.

Specialties: SEO, AdSense. E-commerce, and Facebook Marketing

9. Deepak Choudhary

Deepak Choudhary is a digital marketing consultant and trainer from New Delhi. He uses his expertise in this domain by helping people get trained and grow their business presence online.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing.

10. Kamal Khurana:

Kamal Khurana is a digital marketing trainer currently working with Kangaroo Wings. Dr. Kamal started his career as a therapist and gradually shifted towards digital marketing and training.

Specialties: Marketing CRM, Strategic Planning, PPC.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Investment in a suitable digital marketing training program will play a vital role in one’s career growth. Hope this list will help you in taking that first step in shortlisting the best-suited training program. Good Luck with your future!

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