Top #10 Areas to Place Fake Vertical Garden in Your Home & Office

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No wonder but these days, fake vertical garden or faux plants are a very popular choice to both homeowners as well as business owners. Everyone likes a beautiful place whether it be a home, café shop, office building, salon, etc. To magnify the looks of a place or to decorate a place, people nowadays, use artificial plants, flowers, gardens, trees, discs, etc.

Top #10 Areas to Place Fake Vertical Garden in Your Home & Office

Today, we are sharing with you the top 5 places where you can use the artificial vertical garden and make your home or business more marvellous that people don’t stop complimenting. As when you place the right thing at the right place, the result gets double. Let’s start exploring the 5 places to put vertical garden!

#1 Balcony

You must have seen this in a movie, a heroine or hero wakes up in the morning and went to a beautiful green balcony. Well, you can also get the same feel, you simply have to get a vertical wall garden on your balcony. Normally, people don’t invest much to decorate their balcony areas however, by doing this you can add a more elegant and royal look to your entire home or office.

#2 Living Area

Though you must have invested hugely to decorate your living area still, you can opt for artificial plants or flowers in order to greenery. You can many options when it comes to choosing from fake plants or flowers to decorate the living area as there is a wide range of variety available in the market. Avery nice and sober example is an artificial bamboo plant that you can place in your residential or commercial place’s living area.

#3 Bed-Room

Having a beautiful bedroom is very necessary to have a pleasant sleep which is extremely important to have a healthy life. One of the best ways to have a pleasant sleep which is extremely important to have a healthy life. One of the best ways to decorate your bedroom is to have some sort of greenery however, having natural plants in the bedroom is quite difficult as your bedroom will get wet when you will water the plants. Therefore, the best substitute is to opt for faux flowers, plants. In the bedroom, artificial vertical garden discs will suit them best.

#4 Lobby

We are not just talking about hotel lobbies here, in fact, the lobby area should be one of the most pleasing and comfortable places. As one is supposed to wait here in the lobby and if it is not soothing or comforting enough, then people will not like it. Well, greenery is something that can help you make your customers comfortable. You can have some cypress trees or other fake plants or flowers in your lobby to decorate it.

#5 Patio

Generally, people love spending time on the patio especially during the summers. However, having all the plants real and maintain them can be quite difficult that’s why nowadays, many people look for faux ones. As there are a number of options and varieties available to choose from when it comes to artificial plants. You can either have garden wall discs, potted plants, flowers, hanging flowers, etc.

#6 Reception

When it specifically comes to business, the reception area plays a very vital role. As it is the first place where your customers, as well as clients, come. In case, the reception area is not beautifully managed, then you might lose many deals. On the other hand, if you have a beautiful entrance at your office, then you will easily be able to crack many deals and attract more customers and clients. You can either have an artificial bamboo plant or vertical garden discs in order to make your reception area more graceful.

#7 Cubicle

Having a positive cubicle area is necessary so that your employees can perform in a better way and achieve their given targets and help you grow your business more. It is not the only way to have some motivational quotes written on the wall, you can instead have some interesting things to boost your employees’ morale. There are many things that you can have in the cubicle area like a fake vertical garden or cypress tree, etc.

#8 Cafeteria

Many business owners think they don’t require to add extra elements to the cafeteria however, it is not at all true. On the contrary, you must try to put on extra efforts to the cafeteria as your staff chills at this place. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make them happy and comfortable all the time. A cafeteria is also one of the most common places where new hire makes their memories by clicking pictures. Also, here you celebrate staffs’ achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. hence, it is necessary to add something extra to make the cafeteria look classier.

#9 Conference Room

In an office, there are a number of meetings that happens in a day. It is not important that these meetings are only with the staff but sometimes you do meetings with the clients as well. In case, the conference room is not properly maintained or decorated, then there is a possibility that your clients or staff may not feel good in the conference room and this may impact your business. As meetings play a vital role and this is routine to have a couple of meetings to either discuss or encourage your employees. You have many options when it comes to decorating the conference room like artificial vertical garden discs will look fabulous in the conference room.

#10 Wellness Room

As a business owner, you would never want your employees to fall ill. However, it is not practically possible and that’s why every office like yours has wellness or restroom. Though you must haven’t thought of decorating the wellness room with plants, still now you should as plants give positive energy. However, putting the real flowers or plants in the room as it may be possible that some of your employees are allergic to the plants or it is quite difficult to maintain the plants in the room. If you are now thinking about what you can do, then let us give you some ideas. Well, you have many things by which you can make your wellness/restroom more live and beautiful. You can put an artificial bamboo plant or cypress tree, flowers, potted plants, etc. in order to decorate the wellness or rest room of your office.

The Final Thought

Are you now thinking of buying some faux plants or a vertical wall garden? If yes, then we must tell you that it is a great thing to invest in. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort on maintaining these fake plants. What else could you ask for?

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