Timeless Timepieces: 9 Tudor Classic Watches

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Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, created Tudor as a subsidiary of Rolex in 1946. He aims to offer timepieces that are alternatively cheaper but still possess the similar quality and reliability as the parent organization. The name Tudor was derived from the name of the Royal British Family that ruled the English between 1485 to 1603, known as Tudor. Tudor’s main objective is straightforward: furnish consumers with luxury watches of comparable reliability as Rolex but in a more reasonable price range. The brand focuses on serving more affordable alternatives to luxury timepieces lovers who desire to own a Rolex watch but cannot afford one. Having a Tudor watch means you have a high-quality, reliable, and stylish wristwatch.

Timeless Timepieces: 9 Tudor Classic Watches

Just like other luxury brands, Tudor timepieces are produced in masses through high-tech methods. The wristwatches undergo demanding quality measures; not one Tudor watch leaves the factory until the corporate is satisfied and sure of its quality.

Listed below are high-quality classic Tudor watches:

1. Tudor Heritage Black Bay

At the beginning of 2012, Tudor released a modern iteration of Rolex Submariner, produced from 1954 until the 1990s. This model became an instant hit and allowed Tudor to step from under the shadow of Rolex and make a name for itself.

One would likely wonder why this watch features a vintage look. The design pays homage to the Rolex submariners, and similarly to the Submariners of the 50s and 60s, this timepiece design does not have a date function. Buying a Tudor watch means that you are purchasing from a highly-regarded luxury brand; however, specifically going for a Tudor Heritage signifies that you will own a watch that boasts a classic and timeless design. If you desire to own a brand new divers watch with a vintage look, the Heritage is what you are seeking.

2. Tudor Montecarlo 7149/0

This Tudor design prides itself on a Plexiglas bezel and a 500 unit graduate scale. Montecarlo features a self-winding automatic movement that adds more performance to the qualities of former models.

3. Tudor Clair de Rose

In hopes of reviving the feminine Clair de Rose series in a timeless and more polished manner, Tudor introduced Tudor Clair de Rose in 107 at Baselworld. It showcases a 34 mm case with a well-refined finish and a smooth steel bezel. The model was designed in opaline with eight diamonds and a sapphire crystal. This specific timepiece is only available in mechanical movements and has about 38 hours of power reserve.

4. Tudor Black Bay Steel

As mentioned, the Black Bay series of Tudor are distinct for not having a date function. Black Bay Steel differs from other watches in this lineup due to its date function. It comes with a fabric strap that makes it more captivating. Another factor that makes Black Bay Steel unique among the Black Bay Steel series is its modern-looking finish. It is a Black Bay in any sense, but it comes out like a timepiece produced in 2019 and not 1968. You would not find any unwarranted vintage touches on this model: except for its bracelet that has been changed into a bold steel bezel and the red writing on the dial.

5. Tudor Black Bay 36

The Black Bay 36 is significantly smaller than those of the other models in the Black Bay series making it yet another unique design. The standard size of the other models is 41 mm to 43 mm that is comparatively bigger than 36 mm. This distinct feature enables the Black Bay to be a hit. It is also rare in terms of style, given its alikeness to the Rolex Explorer. The reason behind this is due to its refined case, therefore, giving it a simple and neat look. This model also uses a shiny black dial instead of a matte one like in other designs. It is available on a bracelet or a leather strap; both have an additional camouflage strap.

6. Tudor Heritage Advisor

The only alarm watch that Tudor had produced, the Heritage Advisor. Seeing from different perspectives, this model is by far the most intriguing timepiece that the brand has ever produced. The wristwatch boasts movement, an interesting history, and design. It features a complicated dial: the most complex dial ever made by Tudor. This complexity is due to its alarm feature since most of the dial’s complexity is geared towards realizing that specific function. The Heritage Advisor was among the two watches that effectively brought Tudor out of the shadow of its parent company since it had been the primary watch released with no Rolex equivalent.

7. Tudor Heritage Advisor Cognac

The Heritage Advisor Cognac holds significance to the brand since it is one of the few models that do not possess a Rolex analog. This model is proudly all Tudor. There were only two versions available before: a black and a silver dial, but the only color currently available is a polished cognac color. The alarm complication of this model is all done by Tudor.

8. Tudor FastRider Black Shield

Tudor FastRider Black Shield was designed after the new Ducati x Diavel, hence the name. The inspiration is from a bike that features a contemporary look and perfectly integrates its engine and stellar finish. Similar to other Black Shield models, its piece de resistance due to its tough ceramic casing.

FastRider Black Shield features a 42 mm ceramic case with a black finish and monobloc middle case. With a waterproof capacity of about 500 feet and power reserves of about 46 hours, this watch sure is durable and reliable.

9. Tudor Pelagos

Tudor Pelagos is proudly the best divers watch of the brand. This watch might even rank as one of the best diver’s timepieces produced in the Swiss luxury watch industry.

Two things, comfortability, and durability. These are two of the most significant characteristics of this model. The Pelagos is made out of titanium which makes it light and comfortable around the wrist. It boasts a water resistance capacity of about 1640 feet.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Classic

Given that Tudor is a younger sister company of Rolex, it hopes to realize uncompromising and constant quality. Despite sharing a similar design DNA, Rolex and Tudor have their design language and are still very different. If you wish to own a reliable and timeless timepiece, you can never go wrong with Tudor. Tudor watches are unique, well-finished, and classic.

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