The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Home Decor

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Everybody has a dream to decorate their home in a certain way which displays his/her persona and individuality. But decorating a home according to your preferences is a daunting task and takes time and effort. It is a regular process because you can’t buy the required items all in one go; it’ll require a huge amount of investment. Investing so much for a bachelor or a newly married couple is difficult, so what I’ll suggest is to go step by step towards your desired home! If you want a sudden start, then you can even rent furniture at easy monthly rentals and be stress free from the finances. Happy Decorating!

I’ll give you the ultimate cheat sheet for decorating your home in a way which is easy to inculcate in order to reach towards your aim of the “Home Sweet Home”.


Note down the areas and things that you want to decorate and change. Priortize the areas which require the most changes or the areas which will require a higher amount of investment, and then in the end the areas which shall require less money to decorate.

Let’s start with the walls:

One can buy wall stickers/wallpapers and apply them all by yourself only after reading the instructions carefully. One can even paint the walls using the necessary wall paints, so that it stays longer and does not melt in the summers!

Let’s start with the walls

• You can experiment with certain patterns, color block walls, metallic colors or stick to the basic “white”. The brighter the colors more open and spacious it looks.

• Painting each wall a different color or keeping 3 walls of the same color gives a clean look. It instantly brightens up your living room. You can paint an “Accent Wall” aka “Feature Wall”, meaning a wall whose design differs from the other walls of the room.

• Remember Whites, Blues and shades of Black are CLASSICS, rose gold, oranges, pinks, maroons etc, will go out of style sooner or later.

Feature Wall

You can refer to “YouTube” and type “DIY Wall Painting/Wall Art” in the search box, they are easy to understand and the tricks use basic home supplies which are easily available. You can hire a painter or ask a friend who is painter to help you paint the walls. All these ways are easy on your pocket and you get to play with your imaginative and innovative ideas. It’s a win-win situation, folks!



The area where you host a house party, Diwali card parties, set up your bar and play Beer Pong or Tambola. It has to be refreshing and charming.

Let’s start with the seating area:

  • Buy or rent a sofa which is not that heavy to look at and is sturdy. Play with the color of the cushions to add a touch of whimsy to your room.
  • You can buy Cushion covers online or from certain street markets, they have a huge variety of options and you can change the covers after regular intervals. One can even experiment with metallic shades of cushion covers if you’re more towards a classy side.Buy or rent a sofa
  • Add plants to your living room. One can buy indoor and outdoor plants at “”.
  • If you have a large area in the living room, then you can add some “pieces of art” or some showpieces which you can buy online and even make some on your own, by using a carpet, a painted ladder or some wind chimes and some books also!living room
  • If you want to be artistic, you can have a wall in the living room on which you can hang paintings done by you or some famous artists, portraits or geometrical patterns can be hung!
  • The art of DETAILING” is not easy, it depends what do you want to do with your stuff. I suggest, add them to the areas which shall add classiness and quirkiness at the same time!room
  • You can add some storage tools and furniture in your living room. A secluded area with a comfortable & artistic chair. Usage of multi purpose furniture is an added advantage. Have some bookshelves, small tables, cabinets and a TV unit.
  • One can even use the storage trunks as seating areas, just cover the boxes with a mattress and some
  • You can add color to your living room by coloring the cabinets in your choice of color or playing with geometrical shaped furniture.



It is not necessary that you have to have a dining table! If there is space in the living room or near the kitchen, you can buy or rent a dining table, be it a 4 seater or a 6 seater dining table. You can even add chairs with chair cover outside the kitchen window if it is big enough to fit chairs and people.

  • Add lamps and some table pieces to your dining table; they brighten up the space and create a beautiful lighting for the parties or romantic dinners!lamps
  • Remember what I told you about multi purpose furniture; you can use a coffee table as a dining table also! Add table plants and mats on the dining table. Add plants near the dining table or near the fridge. Place the furniture in such a way that it saves space and looks organized/
  • You can put dichroic glass cabinets near the dining area which can store your crockery and some small show pieces. You can color the glass cabinet in a certain theme of the room or the good old classic “white”, it’ll add sophistication to your space.dining



An organized kitchen shall help you get organized in the long run, rather than an unorganized kitchen where you would have to figure things out every single morning before going to your office or college! Nobody wants to be cranky when he/she sees a kitchen which is not clean or which does not look pleasing to the eyes. It ruins the feel of your home and some kitchens even stink because of the untidiness!

  • You can put the spices in small containers or a single container containing different compartments.
  • You can use large containers for flour, rice, pulses and put them in a corner in the kitchen, if you do not have enough cabinet space in the kitchen. If you do not have cabinets, you can build some wooden shelves on the kitchen wall, on which you can put the spices and pulses.
  • You can hang the spatulas and strainers with the help of command hooks and some ropes/strings. It gives a vintage and clean look. Saves space on the kitchen surface also!kitchen
  • Remember what I told you about painting the cabinets; the cabinets provided in the kitchen are usually made of wood. You can paint the cabinets on your own and you’ll see the change instantly!

    Source: Pinterest

  • Add lights under the cabinet, you can use LED strips for lighting at countertops. The LED Strips do not produce heat and are hidden under the cabinet, away from the view and not shining in anybody’s eyes!
  • Have the essential appliances like refrigerator, microwave, water purifier in your kitchen for the summer days and lazy weekends. If you cannot afford to buy all these, then you can rent these appliances and save your hard earned money.
  • Hang a whiteboard or a blackboard on one of the cabinets or on the fridge, so that you can make a list of things you need to buy and write some notes or important reminders for your roommates/spouse or family.



Having a study area or a home office is necessary if you cannot handle the noise of the utensils, your siblings fighting, your pets playing or constant door bells! Even if you’re an entrepreneur and figuring how to run a business, you should have a secluded area for you and your team to have a perfect brainstorming session. Having a separate study or home office helps in increasing productivity and effectiveness. We know everyone has a budget that they need to stick to and this might deter you from buying furniture. However, now you can always find an affordable option for office furniture Perth or even get a study table and chair on rent for several months or years, if required. It is that easy!


Add a little greenery near your study. Add a color theme to your study cabinet or study table. You can always paint the bookshelf. Have pen stands and organizer on your study table. You can watch a lot of videos on “YouTube” relating to DIY crafts for making study table essentials.

But, don’t worry; even if you do not have a room or a certain amount of space, you can adjust a small table at one of the corners of a room along with a bookshelf. One can even have a small portable table which can fit your bed or your sofa while you work; just like a clipboard we used to carry in the exam halls, but a little bigger and with 4 legs! One can use the dining table or the kitchen slab to study as well. Wherever you find your spot.


Remember one thing; keep your study table or study area organized, in whichever way you like. Keep it uncluttered, as it’ll only boost your productivity and you won’t have to panic each time you want need a certain document, paper or pen!


Finally, the place where you’ll spend almost half of your life! It has to be comfortable, clean and made according to your needs. Spend on a good quality wooden bed, you can even rent a bed according to your preference. It’ll be advisable if you buy or rent a bed with a bed box because then you can store your winter clothes, blankets and lots of other things in it to save space.

  • You have to get a good night’s sleep so that you’re ready for the hustle of the next day. Make that bed comfortable, add pillows, make sure the mattress is not that hard.
  • Have a set of extra mattresses for sleepovers or parties, because you won’t want your friends or guests to be uncomfortable!
  • Make use of the LED strips as a night light. You can experiment with the colors and styles, one can add pictures along the LED string. It adds a personal touch to your room.LED strips
  • Add lamps to your nightstand. Having a nightstand is important because you won’t keep your alarm clock or your phone on the ground, next to where you sleep! Have cabinets and drawers on the sides of your beds to store essentials, cosmetics, medicines and maybe some important documents and bills too.lamps
  • Add cabinets in front of your bed or besides the Almirah. Have a seating area or chairs in your bedroom, so that you can dump the dirty clothes on it when you have to get a nap.
  • Have a compact Almirah which can be fitted in the wall, if not, then you have a lot of alternatives available online that save space and can easily fit in your room.Almirah
  • If there is a space crunch you can optimize your room in such a way that the study table, lamps, storage area, cabinets, drawers; everything fit in that single room and not look crowded.


That’s it folks! I hope you must have gathered some points to decorate your home without much hassle. It’s a slow process, takes patience and money. You have to figure out which style suits best for your precious home. Be patient, you’ll see your dream home in front of you that you decorated. Now, that’s an achievement!

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