The Role of Veterans Disability Lawyers

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Depending on your disability rating, you may be entitled to monthly monetary compensation from the VA. These benefits are tax-free.

Veterans disability lawyers can assist you in filing an original claim, reopening a denied claim, and appealing a decision. They must be upfront and transparent about their fees and the process.


Having a lawyer familiar with VA regulations helps to reduce delays. This is because the attorney will be able to quickly identify when additional evidence is required and will help you obtain this information. This may include hiring an independent medical expert, a vocational expert (if you are applying for total disability due to individual unemployability), or other consultants.

Additionally, a lawyer will meet all paperwork and deadlines. This can reduce unnecessary stress and the potential for missing a critical deadline that could negatively impact your claim.

If your application is rejected, your attorney can assist you in filing a direct appeal with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. This is a more intensive process that requires a detailed understanding of the law and an in-depth knowledge of interpreting medical evidence.


The VA requires a lot of evidence when filing for disability benefits. A lawyer at will review your evidence to ensure you meet the requirements. This includes the required minimum service period and the proper type of discharge.

The lawyer can also help you determine if you are eligible for an in-service injury or event claim, a presumptive claim such as Agent Orange exposure, or if you are entitled to total disability due to individual unemployability (TDIU). They will analyze your medical records and private healthcare providers’ assessments and recommend any additional experts that may be needed to support your claims.

A veterans disability attorney can also ensure you do not miss any deadlines and accurately file your appeals. They will also examine your claim to see if it is possible to increase your disability rating and get back any past-due benefits.

Personal Attention

A good veteran disability lawyer will be attentive to his clients and take the time to listen to them. He should also answer questions promptly. If you are shuffled from one paralegal to the next or have trouble contacting your attorney, it is best to find someone else.

A veteran’s disability rating is determined by a combination of factors, including severity and how long the condition has been present. A skilled attorney will review the evidence to ensure these ratings are accurate.

A veteran’s lawyer can help with all VA claims and appeals process stages. An experienced lawyer can assist during the formal appeals process with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, including a hearing before a judge.


If your claim is denied by the VA, an experienced New York veterans disability lawyer will know how to proceed. Depending on the type of denial, several options are available, including a reopening or a direct appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Your attorney will take care of all the necessary paperwork and deadlines. They will also help you obtain any private medical records that are relevant to your case. Additionally, a lawyer will ensure you complete all deadlines, which could cost you valuable benefits.

The VA will only award you benefits if they believe your illness or injury is service-related. The process of proving this can be long and difficult. An experienced attorney can increase the likelihood of receiving deserved benefits and streamline the process.

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