The Definitive Guide to Build a Functional Mezzanine in Home!

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Are you ready to create a split-level room for making an open space more dynamic?

If you’re dreaming of an elegant, stylish home design, a Mezzanine is an excellent way to make use of open space and add more potential look to your interior.

Generally, a mezzanine platform is a comprehensive design solution for a room with a double-height ceiling or loft space above. With endless possibilities, this platform adds versatile space that can be used in the office or a gallery for displaying artwork and collections. It provides extra square footage and an impressive vantage of the ground floor below.

The Definitive Guide to Build a Functional Mezzanine in Home!

Due to open-plan living spaces, the adequate structure mezzanine offers a private zone or form a bright and airy space upstairs. It is an efficient and economical way to enhance the usable floor space within a building.

But, you may be confused with the exact definition of a mezzanine floor!

In this guide, we’ll cover what is a mezzanine and detailed information on how to build a mezzanine at a home!

So, let’s get started!

What is a Mezzanine Platform?

The mezzanine platform is a high metal rack, divided into several tiers using perforated or simple flooring. This design allows the most efficient use of the storage space, increasing the usable area several times. These racks are perfect for storing a variety of small and varied items.

Mezzanine racks are successfully used not only in warehouse and logistics complexes but also in many industries for the storage and handling of goods. The use of mezzanines is justified in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic production, auto technical centres, large retail premises, as well as in archives, libraries, offices. Convenient systematization of stored items significantly speeds up their search, processing both in manual and automated modes.

Why Is it Worth Building a Mezzanine?

The main convenience in the construction of a mezzanine is that it can’t only organize during the initial construction but also much later if the owners needed additional living space. It is often used as a bedroom in the warm season.

Thanks to the presence of large windows, this semi-dwelling has found its use as a way to enhance natural light if there is no overlap between it and the underlying floor.

Another use of these lights on the roof is the place where the balconies of country houses are located. Decorated with carved elements, gabled roof, airy balconies, mezzanines blend harmoniously with rural landscapes.

How to Build a Functional Mezzanine in Home


Roof coverings over the mezzanines are different – simple single-pitched, and multi-tiered. In addition, their combination allows you to create extraordinary architectural projects.

The presence of huge windows is another characteristic feature of the light, cosy mezzanine. Thanks to the glass extensions above them, additional lighting is provided in the extension. The access of abundant natural light to the room creates a special favourable atmosphere inside.

How to Build a Functional Mezzanine in Home

On the front side of the superstructure, a balcony is often equipped; it can be internal or external. Balcony construction allows you to further increase the degree of lighting in the room.

Take Into Account Ventilation System

Mezzanine construction does not require a lot of building materials. When erecting it, there is no need to strengthen the walls, the foundation of the house. In order to prevent high humidity in the room, it is important to take care of the installation inside the ventilation system in advance.

Equip Room Perfectly

A lot of light, a feeling of complete remoteness from the main part of the residential building creates an unusual atmosphere on the mezzanine, pleasant for work and relaxation. How to apply such an add-on is the prerogative of the owners. If desired, it is possible to equip a room of any functional purpose:

  • Bedroom;
  • Study;
  • Billiard room;
  • Library;
  • Workshop.

Think About Functionality

Sometimes a mezzanine is used to enhance the illumination of the underlying floor. Then there is no overlap between the latter and the mezzanine. This design is able to significantly increase the space of the lower room, providing abundant access to natural light.

In terms of functionality, the mezzanine is no different from other premises in the home. If you take into account the special location of the superstructure, then noisy equipment, sports simulators, and other devices that disturb the peace of the residents of the lower floor should not be placed in it.

What Style to Choose When Decorating a Mezzanine

To create a suitable interior, any style direction is allowed. At the same time, it should provide residents with maximum comfort, create a pleasant atmosphere. If you plan to equip the kitchen in the add-on, it is preferable to choose Province or Country styles.

Minimalism is best for a separate office. The eco-styled interior of the superstructure will look great under any circumstance. When looking for the best solution, it is possible to experiment with different styles. The use of a mezzanine area depends on the choice depending on the personal wishes of the residents.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the building, you need to try to radically change it.

The mezzanine is considered to be the most profitable solution from an aesthetic and financial point of view. It does not require significant investments, it increases the useful living space in the house. At the same time, the structure does not bear the additional load on the walls. In any case, the mezzanine floor completely transforms the appearance of the house, allowing you to enjoy its unusual, sophisticated look.

Bottom Line

When designing such a room, one should take into account the recommendations of specialists:

  • Instead of purchasing ready-made furniture, it is better to use the services of manufacturers who make custom-made pieces of furniture. In addition, it is worth discarding any built-in models.
  • It is important to take care of good lighting: natural, artificial.
  • It is better to choose textiles, furniture, decor in light colours, but we must not forget about accents.
  • It is recommended to ensure that the interior of the room is in harmony with a single, previously chosen style in the house.

When decorating the mezzanine platform, it is necessary to correctly emphasize the advantages of the room, while minimizing or completely hiding the existing disadvantages.

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