Stop Getting Nervous Before Exams: Use these Tips

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Are you someone who gets nervous or anxious between exams which leads to them blanking out? Well, you are not alone!

Almost every student has been through it. After all, exams are a huge deal as they have a huge weightage towards the final grade. This is why many sacrifice their physical and mental health to prepare for final exams.

However, due to this many students suffer through nervousness and exam anxiety before giving papers. If you are someone who struggles with exam anxiety, then worry no more as this article is for you!

Stop Getting Nervous Before Exams: Use these Tips

In this article, we will talk about various online exams that can help you stop getting nervous before exams. Curious to know what they are? Then keep on reading!

Online Exams to Stop Getting Nervous Before Exams

While there are many tips that you can follow, below are certain tips that are extremely effective and will help you succeed in no time!

Know When to Step Away from Your Books

This may come as a surprise to you but there is a thing called over-studying. When you spend too much of your time studying you exhaust your mind in the process which results in fatigue. This fatigue causes you to become tired and unfocused which affects your memory retention.

So, when your memory retention gets affected, it results in you starting to forget things that you have already studied for. This entire process leads to even more anxiety as now you start to think that you do not remember anything and will fail your exam.

However, one of the best Online exams is to take a break from your books after a few hours of studying now and then. It helps in refreshing your mind and further improves your memory.

Do not Forget to Breathe

Exam stress leads to severe nervousness and anxiety which affects students’ breathing patterns.

Many students start experiencing shortness of breath and resulting in a blank out during exams.

Yes, exam nerves can be this dangerous at times!

Thus, one of the most effective Online exams is to breathe and control its pacing. Start taking slow and controlled breaths to not only manage your nerves but also avoid panic attacks.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself on the verge of a panic attack. Just stop what you are doing, and take a deep breath by closing your eyes. Try taking a minimum of ten deep breaths and during that time only concentrate on your breathing.

This will help reduce anxiety and calm your nerves so that you can easily do your exam.

Workout Regularly

While initially, you may think this is a waste of time during exams as you should only focus on studying, working out can do you more good than harm. Exercise is an excellent tool to have good well-being and reduce anxiety.

Are you wondering how working out helps with stress?

Well, exercising regularly releases hormones known as feel-good endorphins that help in taking your mind off, especially when you have exams coming up.

Therefore, another one of the effective Online exams is to exercise regularly to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. You do not have to go to the gym for this. You can even do workouts like walking, biking, swimming, jogging, or even dancing to feel better and refreshed!

Fuel Your Brain

This is another of the greatest exam now that are quite effective.

Most students get so immersed in preparing for exams that they forget to take care of their well-being. After all, your body needs to have food to operate. Food provides energy for the mind and body as well.

This may come as a surprise to you, but often time nervousness and anxiety result because of a poor diet. Thus, to avoid nervousness and stress, you must do the following to fuel your brain:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Avoid excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol a week before your exam
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water
  • Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One thing that many students do wrong is sacrifice their sleep to prepare for exams. However, at times all you need is to close everything to hit the sheets.

When you have countless information swimming through your head, it can be difficult to make sense out of it. Therefore, getting a power nap can help you retain it. Research shows that sleeping helps in focusing more and memorizing information better.

Just like our body needs food, it also needs a good amount of sleep to recharge and refresh. Thus, one of the best exam tips would be to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night to calm your exam nerves and prepare better for your exams.


While many students suffer from exam anxiety, after following the exam tips mentioned above you can easily reduce this anxiety and succeed in exams in no time!

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