Some of the Best and Easy Tips to Write an Effective Email

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We are now living in the age of email exchange, where we draft and send emails to our clients, employers and even friends. It is considered the best way of communication other than telephonic and chats. Millennials prefer texting, which is more improvised version. If you are planning for a trip or a quick outing, then rapid conversation on phone and text exchange is preferred. However, for business and job purpose, you need to use email for communication purpose.

Some of the Best and Easy Tips to Write an Effective Email

Email is not just used for professional conversation purpose, but written proof for the future. If you are a non-English person, then writing an email is certainly a problematic part. The best way to overcome this problem is by taking up english speaking course in hindi where you will learn to use the right vocabulary and business conversation. This will help you to write email confidently.

Whether you want to write an email to the international team or your employer, follow some of the best tips mentioned below-

Imagine yourself receiving the mail: –

You must have received many emails from clients and other people. However, you might wonder what the message is all about because of not so clear message. To ensure that your readers won’t face issues, imagine receiving your email you are writing. Lack of empathy for the receipt is the biggest problem in an email exchange. If you want your email to be taken seriously, then draft a mail where you need to empathize with your recipient. Think of below points while drafting a mail-

  1. Why are you emailing this person?
  2. What does the person you’re emailing want?
  3. Is this the right person to contact, considering what I’m trying to achieve?


• Express Idea Briefly-

When you are drafting a mail, plan the entire reason and the idea behind it. This will help you to draft a mail with the right flow. Moreover, do consider correct grammar usage that will help the reader to read easily. Right from the subject line to the regards, each aspect of the mail is important to consider.
Here, subject lines are critical if you are connecting with the person for the first time. Keep the subject line clear and short, so the reader gets the idea of what the mail is all about.

• Starting with an appropriate Greeting: –

The greeting is the most important part of drafting a mail. This shows professionalism. Here, you need to know that there are two components of greetings- the salutation and the opening sentence. Salutation depends on the situation. If you’re writing a formal email to a bank or government institution, it would be better to start with Dear [X]. If you are writing to someone whom you know, you can start with Hi.

• Keeping Mail Short and Concise: –

According to one stats, every day, there are approx. 269 million emails exchanged daily. This show the importance of emails in the personal and professional area. When you send an email, you need to make sure it is short and concise. Keeping it short and concise is vital so the reader will take interest to read. Highlight important points and keep it engaging. Think in this way- what’s the ONE thing you want to achieve after the person sees your email? It is vital that your email meets the result.

Conclusion: –

Of all the above points, proofreading is the most important. The end process of proofreading should be perfect. Drafting an email with too many mistakes isn’t professional. You need to remember that, your readers should be engaged in the reading and should be encouraged to reply.

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