Seeing How Video Mapping Works, Stunning Decor with Light Games

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Projection technology is increasingly developing with the widespread use of video mapping as part of the decoration of a particular activity or event. Video communication is a communication tool that is able to be captured through visual or vision or in short is a communication tool that is able to be seen by the human eye, this communication allows several people to meet at the same time regardless of region and time. This communication allows you to do something without having to meet the recipient. You can use 3D Projection Mapping as video communication.

Seeing How Video Mapping Works

Benefits of Video Communication

  • Can be used to provide information without having to meet with the recipient
  • Can be used to communicate with people or several people over long distances without knowing the time
  • Can be used as a learning medium for teachers in providing learning material

Using projections to display images and videos through a computer would be natural. At school, in public places, even at home, you can get projection screen technology easily. But did you know that image projections can also be done on other surfaces, for example like houses, streets, to other structures? Try to imagine what if the Eifel Tower, to the National Monument are given visual effects from video mapping? Very amazing for sure. See more about video mapping in this article.

Who has never used a projector screen? Surely almost everyone has ever used the name projector for various needs. You might use this tool to watch your favorite movies with friends or as a media presentation in class.

It turns out that not only on the screen, you can also project images or videos to other objects such as parks, fields, and even homes. The picture can also move and seem to interact with you. Here it is called video mapping or projection mapping.

Projection mapping, often called spatial augmented reality or video mapping, is a projection technology. By using special software, two or three-dimensional shaped objects are mapped spatially (spatial mapping) on ​​virtual programs that can mimic the target projection area. The software is able to interact with a projector to project the desired image to the surface of the target object

Global giant companies such as Samsung, Nokia, and BMW continue to compete in terms of innovation for the purposes of advertising their products. One of the media used is video mapping. Not only for business purposes, but this projection technology is also widely used for the purpose of celebration and promotion activities. One of them is the video mapping of Monas (National Monument) at the 2018 Asian Games event in Jakarta.

In the framework of celebrating the Asian Games, Monas was transformed into an object of visual projection that is very riveting with a variety of video and image displays that attract the attention of the visitors present. Not just visual, music and various sound effects also enrich the optical illusion that is presented for a duration of about 20 minutes. Luckily for you who can attend to witness this spectacular performance.

The process of making video mapping is done through several stages. After the object to be the projection target is selected, the software is used to map the corners of the video on the surface.

The first stage is the process of selecting an image or video to be projected. The selected video is projected onto the targeted surface. Video mapping can be done in 3D by projecting existing images on the entire surface.

The next step is the “masking” process, which uses the template opacity to cover the original shape and position of the different elements in the building or area to be projected.

In 3D mapping, the determination of coordination is carried out to determine the location of objects according to the projector, XYZ orientation, position, and lens specifications used on the projector to determine the virtual scene that was made.

Some adjustments can also be done by changing some physical and virtual elements manually, so that the results displayed can be more leverage.

The projector used is not haphazard. To make projections on skyscrapers or other large buildings, at least a projector with an output of 20,000 lumens or more is needed.

In comparison, the projector that you usually use every day in the office or school only has an output of 2000-4000 lumens. So you can imagine how big and powerful this video mapping projector is. But not to worry, for small projects such as drama shows or indoor use, a projector with a minimum output of 2200 lumens is enough to help you make 3D video projections.

In use, video mapping is generally divided based on the usefulness and type of interaction offered by the projection. The four categories are:

VJ’ing or VeeJay-ing (Video Jockeying): Used for live events that use dynamic projection technology (often with interactive music). It can be directly controlled, pre-programmed, and consists of a combination of effects and effect overlays.

Theatrical: The projections used have been arranged in such a way based on the order in which they appear on stage. Usually designed to be interactive and support the actions of players such as dancing or other performances on stage.

Static/ Interactive: Special displays are installed as screens for projections that can interact with the surrounding environment and the audience, through programs that have been created.

Video: If this category as in general the video is played from beginning to end and zero interactive features. Like watching a fixed screen like that, it’s just a different surface.

The visuals displayed by the video mapping are really cool. Your eyes will definitely be spoiled with stunning pictures and videos. Not to mention if the music is added okay, the results are certainly more attractive.

Video mapping is a technique in lighting or light projection until finally creating optical illusions on objects. Visually will change shape according to what is projected. These changes usually use a media or object, or a field.

This video mapping is also considered a new method where its function is as a manifestation of the art of imaging lighting projection with technology. Designers and artists who create anything in 3D can be projected using light through video mapping devices.

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