Safe and Effective Tips to Remove a Tree Stump

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Even if you manage to live with trees, there will still be one or the other time when you need to remove a few of them. It may be because they are sick, or you want to utilize that space for other purposes. But, removing them is not an easy task. Even taking enough time to ensure its safe removal, you still left with the stump- a frustrating prod. Also, a leftover stump is the best place for pests to hide.

Safe and Effective Tips to Remove a Tree Stump

We at Jack of All Trees have first hand working with the trees. We understand it well that old stumps are an eyesore on your beautiful yard and landscape. If you are thinking of getting rid of the eyesore stumps, there is no more perfect time than as soon as possible.

We come up with some safe and workable tips for tree stump removal.

Tips to tree stump removal

Dig the whole thing out

If the tree is small, digging the whole thing out is the simplest way for stump removal. As the roots of small trees don’t run too deep, you can handle it with some general tools and a lot of elbow grease.

Start with digging the area around the stump to expose as much root parts as possible. Focus much on exposing the deeper roots. Once done, break these roots into smaller chunks with the help of a root saw. Have precise control over your cutting. When the whole roots are loose, pull them out of the ground. With this technique, the stump will loosen itself then you can twist it up with the help of a shovel.

Use the stump grinder

You may need a stump grinder if the stump’s roots run too deep. A stump grinder has been designed to grind stumps down to the roots. Experts use this method as it is the most effective of all for big and deeper roots.

But remember, keep safety as your priority whenever you work with any heavy machinery, the same goes with the stump grinder. Clean the debris and rocks from the area around the stump before starting the work.

Grinding the visible tree stump is not enough, but also grinding the root parts around it.


Use fire as a tool if you think a stump grinder is not the right choice or if roots are too large to dig the stump out. However, it is a bit risky to use fire, so cross-check the local laws and surrounding conditions to ensure complications due to law or fire.

Keeping the stump in the centre of the heat is the secret tip for stump removal. Settle the woods around and on the top of the stump and continuously feed the fire. The process converting stump into ash will take hours. Remove it and replace it with the new soil.


Did you know, you can use waste disposal tools for tree stump removal also. So, rot it away! For that, you need to make the stump more inviting for microorganisms. Firstly, dig some eight-inch holes on the top of the stump. Fill warm water and any natural nitrogen-rich substances such as blood meal or compost into those holes. The water and nitrogen together accelerate the weakening process of the stump. After the stump starts rotting it will become easier to remove it into pieces. You can remove the whole stump out in moderate time without any back-breaking hard work.

Chemical process

Out of all-natural methods of stump removal, the chemical process is one from the easiest list. It also works on organically rotting the stump, but it is somewhat risky if safety measures are overlooked. When done appropriately it is a highly effective way to remove unwanted tree stumps. Same like the decomposition method, you need to dig holes in the stump first. Then pour in the chemical remover into the holes. Wait for a few weeks for the softening of the stump. Monitor and remove when it gets soft enough. It can also be helpful to set fire to stumps in this stage. With fire most of the above-ground wood gets removed, it allows further weakening of the stump underground. With this, you will be assured that the stump and the whole root system is removed.

It is necessary to keep safety measures; keep your kids and pets away from the stump area until the entire chemical decaying process, as chemicals are harmful when they get in their contact. Make sure to follow best practices to avoid any potential harm to you and your loved ones.

These are some stump removal tips and words of advice from our experts! If not sure it’s better to consult an expert.

You can contact Jack of All Trees for all your stump removal needs. Learn more about our services here!

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