Rising Star of Astrology

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The days of Astrology being a lonely corner of love-struck dreamers or hopeful gamblers is long gone. Instead we are in the twilight of the Age of Astrology, as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes of religion in the modern day.

Millennials in the West are forsaking weekly church sessions and feeling the need to replace this community in their life. In come the age-old figures of Capricorn, Sagittarius and the Gods of the night sky, as old as the stars as we know them!

Rising Star of Astrology

Astrology is enjoying popularity like never before. The popular women’s magazine Cosmopolitan devoted a vast 9 page spread to star signs for its horoscope addicted readers. Couples are proposing with personalized star maps. Baby showers, engagement parties and weddings are themed around the signs of the zodiac. And astrologer readers, experts and Taurat card readers are booming in trade.


Some people put it down to the uncertainty of modern times. Millenials are being swept up in the racing, ever-changing world of instant communication and hyperconnectivity. Astrology – being connected to your one sign, that sense of community and fate – is an anchor in a scary sea.

The inevitability is reassuring. Having your future determined by the planetary alignment takes some of the control away – and like a baby relaxing into its mother’s arms, so naturally do we humans take respite in occupying the backseat of our lives for a while. Work issues, relationship crisis, agonizing decisions on the horizon…let Taurus take the wheel!

Yet – and this is important – not all Capricorns are the same. You are shaped by the stars, but you choose how you let them guide you. This is an intoxicating blend: your personality handed to you on a platter. Explanations for events in your life based off the cosmos itself. If the Planets had that job loss mapped out for you in the stars, what chance did you have of keeping it?

There is also the obsession with the self. Which is as old as time itself. We only have one life, we are the protagonists of our story, and who doesn’t love talking about themselves? The Zodiac is like a cosmic therapist. Searching for the right path through your career? Consumed by existential angst? Or just wondering why the hell you are the way you are. Just look yourself up in the chart and see what the stars say!

Astrology is certainly not for everyone. Astronomers may dismiss it, psychotherapists may be threatened by it, but one thing is for certain. It is on the rise and we should all get ready!

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