Recover Files from RAW Partitions Using Recovery Software

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When people use hard drive system to save their work. This hard drive becomes RAW because the system gets an error and then accidentally all data gets lost and deleted. Due to this data present in a hard drive cannot access and write. Most of the people ask the question that how they can recover data and files from the RAW hard drive.

Raw partition is the system which can get formatted form the computing as it has a Window file system in it like NTFS OR FAT formats of flies. But at the same files present in the RAW system can’t be recognized by windows. There are many reasons due to which RAW caused in the hard drive such as using of software in the system, software in your system gets fails due to an error, and there may be a virus attack.

These are the methods which are common but even the method you choose to close the system can also create a RAW file system. In this type of situation, you can use recovery software as it also helps in recover deleted partition and can effectively have recovery. It is one of the most powerful software for recovering RAW data.

Common Symptoms For Identifying Raw Partition in the System

There are some common symptoms through which you can assure that your system has corrupted with RAW partition.

  • The very important thing you will notice that when trying to open the drive in the Window Explorer then instead of opening you will notice a message ‘ you need to format a disk or The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it.’
  • When you will try to open the file it will be seen with weird characters as they have already corrupted due to RAW partition recovery.
  • When you will run CHKDSK then at that time a message will pop saying ‘ The file system has RAW and CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.’
  • Another symptom of it is that when you will try to access a file a message will appear saying ‘Location is not available.’
  • In the same way, when you will conduct a console operation a message box will appear with ‘The volume has not contained any recognized file. Please make sure that all files are loaded properly and have not been corrupted.’


It is the best software for recovering data and files which have been lost due to RAW partition. It is safe and effective software and easily recovers data without any damage to single files.

Steps for Recovering Lost Files from RAW Partition

For this first, you have to download and install Recovery software on your system. If RAW partition has affected your external hard drive then you have to connect it with the PC. After this launch the partition recovery software and start recovering your lost and deleted files.

• In the first step, you have to select the option of Lost Partition Recovery mode.

• After this, you have to select the RAW hard drive have been detected on the system. Then click on the start button.

• After clicking on start button recoverit partition recovery will start scanning all files and it will restore all your data within a few minutes.

• Now in the last step, the recoverit software will support your recovered files and then you have to select files according to you. Then click on the recover button so that you can get your data and files back.

Recoverit Data Recovery is one of the most effective partition data recovery programs. So, follow above steps to get recovery data.


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