Receiving NIF: All You Wanted to Know

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Is NIF your main goal right now? If it is, you certainly would like to get as much vital and useful info about the process of obtaining it as possible. Well, this article aims at helping you with this task.

What is NIF and Why You Should Try to Get It Asap?

NIF is a taxpayer number that makes it real to interact with the Portuguese tax authorities. But in reality, it is much more than this. If you have NIF, you get access to plenty of activities in Portugal.

Anyone has the right to request NIF regardless of whether this person is a citizen of Portugal or not. It does not matter how long you would like to stay in Portugal. Besides, it is also not important whether you have already moved there for a permanent residence. In any case, it is a brilliant idea to request NIF as long as it will grant you a right to be involved in the following stuff:

  • Paying taxes from your income;
  • Buying a car;
  • Establishing a bank account;
  • Interacting with someone in order to rent property of any type.

So, as you see, all of these situations are rather relevant and important. Therefore, do not postpone receiving your NIF!

How Exactly to Get NIF?

The process of getting NIF is not represented by just one variant. However, the first option that comes to mind here is visiting a local tax office where you will deal with the employees who will instruct you all the way through the key rules of receiving your NIF number.

If you are a non-resident, it is going to be a bit different. You may consider the option of asking a fiscal representative to do all the work for you. But what if you have no idea about who may help you with this? Well, in this case, there is one more way to reckon about. It is visiting one of the sites of the intermediaries who deliver this kind of service.

Why Is the Online Assistance a Preferable Option?

So, let’s take a look at the most important reasons for you. Primarily, you will save a ton of your personal time. You will not have to wait in lines or anything like this. Second, you will be absolutely calm and confident about the final result (well, it also depends on how reliable the provider of your services will be but is another topic for discussion). And, besides, a minimum effort is going to be required personally from you.

As for the process itself, you start with downloading the documents that are obligatory for receiving NIF. They are a scan of your passport and proof of residence. This is it! Not much, right? Then, you pay a fee that is required from you. It is different because each provider decides himself how much to charge the clients. But some of them (as are ready to offer such an attractive price as only 70 euros.

As you have paid a fee, it is time to wait a bit till your NIF is ready and sent to you. It will be done in PDF format. The completion of a request may take up to several days. But it is going to be far faster compared to the option when you arrange the procedure yourself without asking anyone for assistance.

Hope you love such a way of getting NIF and will choose it! Good luck with making a request and wish you to come across the smoothest and most pleasant experience ever!

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