Protect Your Electronics with These New Age Inverter Batteries

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In this day and age, we rely heavily on electronic devices in our daily lives. From smartphones to laptops, refrigerators to air conditioners, we need an uninterrupted power supply to keep them running smoothly. Even a short power outage, after all, can throw a complete wrench in our lives.

This is where inverter batteries come into play. With new-age technology, these inverter batteries not only provide power backup but also protect your electronic devices from damage due to power fluctuations. Let’s take a look at some of the best inverter battery combos available in the market today that can ensure the safety of your precious electronics.

1. Luminous Powersine 1100 with RC25000

The Luminous tubular UPS inverter batteries are an economical option that comes with high performance and is perfect for areas that face frequent and long power cuts. These inverter batteries are designed with rugged tubular plates, which require minimal maintenance and can withstand frequent power cuts. They offer high backup performance, excellent overcharge resistance, and are suitable for areas that face frequent power cuts.

The Power Sine 1100 inverter paired with this battery is a sine wave inverter with a capacity of 900VA and rated power of 756W. It supports a single battery and provides full charging current even at low voltage.

It supports ECO and UPS modes, providing safety for sensitive appliances, and comes with noiseless operations, supporting a wide range of batteries, including flat plate, tubular, and VRLA (SMF). The inverter is designed with ABCC technology that ensures faster battery charging and consequently enhances battery life.

2. Luminous Hercules 1600 with RC25000

The Hercules 1600 is an exceptionally efficient inverter battery system that can handle heavy loads with a capacity of 1500 VA and rated power of 1260 W. It is equipped with fast charging technology and supports rapid charging, reducing the overall charging time by 40%.

With UPS and ECO modes, this inverter battery system can keep your sensitive appliances, like computers, safe by maintaining the output voltage within a specific range. The ECO mode also extends the voltage range, reducing battery usage.

The RC25000 tubular UPS inverter batteries by Luminous are an affordable option with excellent performance, designed using durable tubular plates. They require very little maintenance and can withstand frequent and lengthy power cuts. They also have a supercharged performance and provide high-quality backup support in the event of a power cut.

With excellent overcharge resistance, you can be rest assured your battery will remain safe and protected.

3. Luminous Icon 1100 Inverter and 200 Ah – RC25000 Battery

The Icon 1100 is a powerful and sleek inverter designed to work with external inverter batteries. It can accommodate tubular batteries from 150Ah to 220Ah. With its next-generation design, the Icon 1100 offers hassle-free battery water topping and simplified inverter indications.

The inverter has a fast, low-voltage battery charging system that starts at 90V with a full charging current. It is also safe for children since the battery is encapsulated in the inverter, eliminating open wires.

The 200Ah-RC 25000 is an affordable range of tubular UPS inverter batteries with high performance. These inverter batteries are designed with rugged tubular plates, making them suitable for frequent power cut areas. They have a high backup performance, excellent overcharge resistance, and they require minimal maintenance.

The Final Word

Inverter batteries have become an essential part of our lives, especially in areas that face frequent power cuts or voltage fluctuations. Protecting your electronic devices from damage is equally important as ensuring a continuous power supply. By investing in good inverter batteries from a robust and trusted manufacturer like Luminous, you can be rest assured that your electronic devices are safe and sound, no matter what the state of your electricity supply is.

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