Planning to Open a Dog Kennel Facility? Here’s Why Steel is the Perfect Building Choice

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When you are planning on opening a dog kennel business, a steel building is a great choice for it. When a steel building comes to mind, you probably think of a storage building or a garage, but steel buildings are excellent for any business. Here, we will look at why steel buildings are perfect for a dog kennel facility.

Why Steel is the Perfect Building Choice

Steel Dogs Kennel Buildings Are Customizable

One of the best things about a steel building is that it is completely customizable. You can design the layout to go with your needs, so you have enough space for kennels, play, and whatever else you need. Steel buildings are also easy to expand as your business grows if you find yourself needing more space.

Dogs need room to play and run around, and you can design an area with that in mind. You can even make a canopy to give the dogs a shaded place to run around when the weather is nice.

You can also give your building movable walls so that you can adjust room sizes as needed, depending on the dogs you have staying with you.

Great for Grooming

Many dog kennels offer grooming for dogs in addition to boarding to bring in extra income. You can design a dog grooming area in your steel kennel with a separate entrance from the outside, so people who are only bringing their dogs in for grooming can come and go separately.

Steel has Great Insulation

If you live somewhere that has extreme temperatures in the summer or winter or is prone to storms, you want to ensure that the dogs and your staff are comfortable. Steel buildings have excellent insulation options, so you can be confident that they stay at the right temperature.

You can also set up areas to play inside your steel dog kennel, so that the dogs have room to run in a dry place and at a comfortable temperature.

Insulation is not just crucial for controlling the temperature, but it also prevents the steel from sweating, which can lead to rust.

Steel Dog Kennels Are Sustainable

Many people may not think of steel buildings as eco-friendly, but they are nearly 100 percent recyclable. They can also be designed with sustainability in mind; the insulation will reduce energy costs. By including skylights and big windows, you can let in daylight to use along with energy-efficient lighting. Plus, it reduces the number of trees getting cut down to be used as lumber, which is important to the environment.

You can make your building as energy efficient as you want it to be, and saving on energy costs is especially important in the beginning of your business.

Steel is Durable

Steel is the strongest building material out there, and it is highly durable. Steel has stood up to weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and snowfall. The dogs should be perfectly safe inside your steel kennel building. If you have any destructive dogs staying in your kennel, they will not be able to dig or chew a hole in the side of the building, which is always possible with a wooden structure, especially if the dog is highly determined. Since steel is so durable, insurance companies often offer lower rates for steel buildings, allowing you the opportunity to save on insurance.

Pests also cannot get into your steel dog kennel, and you do not have to worry about mold or water damage since steel is not organic. This is good because you will not have anything sneaking in that can risk the dogs’ health.

Steel is Low-Maintenance

Steel buildings do not require much maintenance. You do not need to repaint the building often or replace rotten boards. You will save on maintenance costs by opening a dog kennel in a steel building. The only maintenance you will need to do is inside, cleaning up after the pups who are staying at your kennel, which can be a lot of work on its own.

Excellent Ventilation

Excellent Ventilation

You can design a great ventilation system in a steel building to ensure that the air is clean and safe for both humans and dogs. Not only will it make the kennel more comfortable, but it is cost-effective and another aspect of the building that is nearly maintenance-free.

Steel Dog Kennels Are Affordable and Easy to Build

Steel buildings cost considerably less than traditional building materials like wood and concrete. They are also much easier to build, taking up to 50 percent less time than a building made from other materials.

Final Thoughts

Dogs need to be comfortable when they are away from home, and your kennel can offer them that comfort. A steel dog kennel is a great choice because you can customize it, it is affordable and sustainable.

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