Online Delivery To Takeaways – Food Industry Sees Growth Amid Pandemic

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It seems like this pandemic has revolutionized the on-demand industry with a rapid-pace so that we can say that the future of food delivery is bright. As we know that maintaining social distancing is mandatory, people are now highly relying on online delivery, and a platform like Uber Eats, Foodpanda, GrubHub has proven that the delivery industry can be practiced in any business area.

Online Delivery To Takeaways - Food Industry Sees Growth Amid Pandemic

We are advised to stay at home, but we can not escape from our household chores such as buying groceries, food, and other regular activities. Here, food delivery comes to the rescue. The biggest reason for the food delivery business’s success is its ability to satisfy customer needs within a few hours at affordable rates.

Suppose you are engaged with the online delivery business and want to increase the customer retention ratio. In that case, you need to give them quality service with the help of an application that allows customers to avail of various kinds of products in a couple of clicks.

Food Delivery Apps: Transforming Restaurants

We can not predict that until we are told to stay at home, hence restaurant business owners have developed a robust app solution where they can place orders of their favorite meal online and get it delivered at their location in no time.

Busy work schedules and the constant stress of the job have reshaped this industry. Online food ordering, takeaways, and other essential delivery have become a common phenomenon of our regular lives. There are several reasons why restaurants owners are developing apps:

  • Increased sales amongst millennials
  • Brand image
  • Gets more orders
  • Better ROI
  • Attract more visitors

Gone are the days where people were searching for a restaurant in a directory or asking a neighbor before placing an order. More and more people are ordering food online in order to stay safe at home. Thus, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this situation and embracing foodpanda like solution to combat the issues traditional food businesses face.

Suppose you are thinking of revamping your existing business and want to get success within a short time in this highly competitive market. In that case, online food delivery is the only way that connects you with a larger audience. According to Business Wire, the demand for on-demand food delivery is likely to grow by 52% in the coming years.

If you think from the individual point of view, it also creates job opportunities and enhances your online business’s reputation and growth. It also saves time and money as you don’t need to travel to find a particular restaurant, with the help of the application, you can see a list of restaurants nearby your area and get food delivered quickly.

Future Of Food Delivery Business

Undoubtedly, there will be a constant rise in the demand for food delivery in the upcoming years. Nowadays, people are avoiding visiting a crowded place, and delivery providers face a major decline in jobs. It means if you are thinking of taking your business to the next level with the help of providing online delivery, it is the ideal move.

As consumers’ behavior changes towards online delivery, they are now looking for a more transparent, quick, and simple approach for their tasks; delivery providers will accept the order to meet their needs. Customers make payments in their way. Even Yahoo has stated that during 2020-2024, there will be increases in the number of startups who offer online delivery to the customers.


The above graph displays that there is a constant increase in the demand for digital orders and more than 85% of the people place orders through smartphones. Hence, it is inevitable for brand owners to develop robust app solutions that help them to establish a strong image in the market.

Earlier, it wasn’t easy to find a restaurant, but with the advent of on-demand delivery apps, you just need to tap on your phone to find the most rated restaurant instantly. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur and want to launch a powerful business model, it could be the best decision you can ever take.

Today, more than 80% of tasks are performed via applications. Every business is struggling and looking for some technology solution to fulfill its customer’s needs. As a business owner, it is difficult to maintain a strong online presence, but on-demand delivery apps are the perfect solution in this digital era. You just need to reach your customers with a handy solution; the customer’s retention ratio will automatically increase.

Newer Opportunities

Like other customized business solutions, the on-demand apps offer a wide range of options; you can grab the current market opportunities while satisfying customers’ needs.

Today, the majority of businesses are giving online delivery to their customers. With the right blend of custom features and dynamic functionality, an on-demand food delivery app can address all your business goals and allow your customers to enjoy lip-smacking food at their homes.

It is believed that the food delivery business is the “only winner” as compared to the other business models. There are ample opportunities to grow if you are thinking of starting a food delivery business because:

  • Customers won’t prefer to visit a restaurant due to virus spread as you will get more orders
  • Eliminates the maintenance and other related costs
  • Saves rental cost
  • Lower investment with maximum profitability
  • It helps you establish brand loyalty faster

Hence, we can say that pandemic may be beneficial for the restaurant owners, all they have to follow safety guidelines such as contactless delivery, cashless transactions, etc. By doing this food store owners can increase sales and it also helps them to survive amid this difficult time.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to grab the ongoing market opportunity, embrace the digital solution today, and protect your food business from dipping.

Final Thoughts

The trend of online food delivery is growing at a rapid pace as it is quite helpful and offers multiple opportunities to customers and business enterprises. Looking at the current market scenario, due to social distancing and lockdown, it can be said that the online food ordering trend is here to stay.

As an entrepreneur, it’s your turn to unlock the business opportunities while keeping customers in the center, and credit goes to technological advancements that remain useful in this process and offer scalable solutions to enterprises.

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