Money is Not Everything But Everything Needs Money, is it True?

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We all are having a deep attraction towards money without any exception. It is a dream of majority to earn more and more in life. This is because people come up with statement to justify their quench for money by saying that money isn’t everything but everything needs money. There are people who focus only on money in their life and sacrifice all other moments of their life just because of making good chunks of money.

Money is Not Everything But Everything Needs Money

So today we will have some insights on the importance of money in life and will also try to figure out whether we can live a happy life without money or not. By the end you will be able to understand whether we need money to live happily or it can be ignored to life a good life. At the same time you will get some insights on the ideology that money is not everything.

Why Money is not everything in Life?

Money is considered a source to meet all your short and long term needs in life. For example you can buy luxury with it, it is possible to raise your kids, give them best education, health and other amenities only with money. But still money is not everything in life as we have much more to expect from life. It cannot satisfy your soul as luxury is not the only goal that people have in life. That is why we can conclude to a point that money is not everything in life although it plays a crucial role in our life to meet many of our daily needs smoothly. We must watch out the life in a holistic approach. This is the only way we can live a cheerful life without much troubles. Balance is very important in all fields of life and similar is needed when you are thinking of the money earning. Do not go beyond that balance in life to see a good and happy life forever.

Money is not everything but still people hanker after it, why?

As we discussed earlier that money is not everything but despite this fact people are still hankering for it. They are trying to make as much as money as possible to do. The reason why they are so much obsessed with money is given as money is not everything but everything needs money. This is actually a true statement that we cannot ignore at any cost. Money plays a paranoid role in our life and we cannot suppose our life smoothly without having money. It is difficult to life happily for even a day without money. At the same time having money does not mean you are living a happy life always. We confront too many problems in life and they cannot be solved with money like emotions, psychological upheavals and many other such things. This is the reason why people have fixed kind of ideologies towards the importance of money in their life as per their scenario of life.

Is it possible to live happily without money?

We cannot gain happiness without money and with money. If we follow money is not everything debate points it snatch our happiness and cannot provide complete happiness too. For example money meets out basic needs but at the same time we cannot deal all life problems with it. Money can get us a good psychologist but cannot correct our psychology. It has no control on our emotions. But that does not mean we can live happily without money. The life get even worst without money and other problems. So it can reduce the count of our problems as compared to going moneyless. Without having money it is very difficult to manage all your happiness that smoothly as you have to encounter challenges at every point of life. So we can say that money plays a crucial role in our life to gain happiness and live a good life.

Can we really live on the idea that money is not important?

There are people who chose to rely on the statement that money is everything in life as it incur social status, respect and many other luxurious things in life to a person. But at the same time we have other kind of people too who do not give that much significance to make money and stick to the idea that money is not everything.

Even we have literary stuff like money is not everything essay and research papers to understand this in a wider perspective. So there is a mixed approach towards the importance of money in life that people are having currently. To reach a firm statement we can say that it is not possible to rely on the idea that money is not important in life as it plays crucial role in many of the important needs of us. We cannot sustain without money for a single day.


So we can reach to a conclusion that money is important but not everything. There are people who are extremely wealthy and super rich but still they cannot drive their happiness with money. At the same time there are people who are extremely poor and still trying to manage two squares of meal per day in very drastic condition. So with or without money you are going to face the challenges of life every now and then. It is almost impossible to accept with the idea that money is not important for living a happy life. All our needs are associated with money and we cannot ignore this reality if life in any scenario. So try to make enough money to live a smooth life by meeting all your important expenses without much efforts. This will raise the chances of happiness in life and you will feel a cheerful life as well. At the same time try to manage other thing in life by maintaining a balance if you are living on a hedonistic approach.

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