Let’s Talk About Turmeric

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Turmeric is a well-known spice added to food to give it more delicious flavors. However, of recent, it has become noticeable that turmeric is more than a spice. Many studies are beginning to confirm the medical properties of turmeric. It has many therapeutic uses and is safe to use. We are going to talk more about how you can benefit from turmeric, the problem with turmeric and what all these things mean for you. In the next section.

Let’s talk about turmeric

Why turmeric is a super food:

Turmeric is a part of the diet of many people. It is more common among Indians who love to eat their food spicy and delicious. Apart from being delicious, turmeric is a super food that has numerous benefits to your health. The active component of turmeric that gives it part of its color and most of its medicinal benefits is a pigment called curcumin. Curcumin is a yellowish powder pigment that can be extracted from turmeric. Although, it is found in small amounts in turmeric (about 3%), it is responsible for most of the medicinal benefits of turmeric. Some of the benefit of turmeric are:

Turmeric fights pain and inflammation: curcumin which is one of the major components of turmeric acts in similar ways to your normal painkillers. It prevents the action of some chemicals in our body like TNF-α and COX-2. These chemicals are released by some parts of our immune system and can cause swelling and pain. Curcumin like most painkillers can inhibit the actions of these chemicals in the body. Many studies suggest that taking about 400mg of curcumin three times daily leads to significant improvement in inflammation and pain in various parts of the body. In addition to that, these studies show that curcumin is safe to use. There is a report in the UK daily mail of a woman who seems to have beaten a stubborn cancer by eating turmeric every single day.

Protects against cancer: studies have shown that curcumin protects against some types of cancer. After eating turmeric, curcumin is found in high levels in the rectum, so is very useful for colorectal cancer. There are actually studies to validate this point in rodents and humans. It is also useful for cancer of the skin and burns.

There are many other benefits of turmeric. Some of them include the fact that turmeric is a very good antioxidant, it works wonders on the skin, it seems to protect against Alzheimer’s disease (India has an abnormally low incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, and they are one of the people who eat the most turmeric so, there is a probable correlation, more so, studies have shown some potential in turmeric to combat Alzheimer’s disease). It also has antidiabetic and many other properties. The only drawback of turmeric is that as powerful as curcumin is, only small amounts get absorbed by the intestine. You have to eat as much as 14 grams of turmeric three times daily to get reasonable amounts of curcumin. This is impossible at best, or is it? The obvious solution is to make it in form of a pill. So, if you want a decent level of curcumin, you will have to take turmeric pills along with turmeric in your diet.

More information on turmeric:

Well, we recommend you read more about turmeric on a blog written by Rachel P. You can find the blog on the Livin3. It talks a lot on turmeric, the benefits, other fun uses of turmeric. For example, do you know you can use turmeric as a sunscreen or dye? What about using turmeric to make pastes or creams for the skin? You can find many of these uses on the blog along with many other fun facts on turmeric. The blog also talks about many other benefits of turmeric than is mentioned in this short article. It also tells you some things about turmeric and weight loss and why it is a very useful addition to your diet. I think it’s best if you go the blog written by Rachel P. on turmeric on the livin3 website. The topic of the article should be “turmeric for weight loss: superfood that burns fat”.

Putting everything together:

If all the information on this article seems to be too much for you to handle, I am going to try and put them together in a short and logical form. First, turmeric naturally contains a powerful chemical called curcumin. Curcumin has a lot of medicinal benefits like reducing pain and swelling, preventing and help in treating some types of cancer, in diabetes, on the skin and many other uses which have been suggested by many scientific studies. However, the drawback on curcumin is that it does not easily get into the blood so you need to take an abnormally high amount of turmeric before you get any activity. If you were just to rely on turmeric in your diet, you may not be able to get it high enough. So, I recommend that in order to get enough levels of turmeric, you should take turmeric pills in addition to your diet. And, finally don’t forget to read the blog written by Rachel P on turmeric for more information.

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