Keep your Air Hockey Table Clean – How to Go About it?

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Air hockey tables are a part of your home décor. One of the best ways to say yes to impressive home décor is to keep it clean. So, why is it essential to clean the air hockey tables? The reason is a dirty table will affect the gameplay. The dirty table surface can reduce the puck and make the shots challenging.

Keep your Air Hockey Table Clean - How to Go About it

Also, if the dust accumulation is more, it can create holes on the table. It’s called the dead spots. And so, when the player shoots a puck, it might just stop in the tracks or slow down to a great extent. Your chances of making a great shot get ruined.

When there are debris, dirt, and other kinds of substance on the surface, it will make the puck to jump or even slide in the wrong direction. It is irritating for a player. It might also damage the table surface, leading to chips and nicks. When this takes place, even intensive cleaning might not help.

Do you want to avoid all these? If yes, then all you need to do is look for ways to clean and maintain the air hockey table. Schedule a routine cleaning once a week. Other ways to opt-in for are:

• Switch on blowers

Even before you start to clean the table, ensure that you switch the blowers! It will help to avert all grime and dirt from getting settled in any holes. Gently touch the surface to prevent any severe table surface damage, with a nozzle attachment.

• Say yes to covers

Other than a weekly routine cleaning, you need to invest in air hockey table covers. It acts as a protective layer on the table. There are service providers that offer you different cover types, colours, and sizes. You can customize the material and type, depending on your requirements.

• Wipe the playing surface

If you’ve vacuumed the table, make sure to use a clean and soft cloth for wiping the surface. A microfiber cloth is essential. Use that cloth for wiping down the table sides. There are home décor experts who might suggest you not to use this step. So, it all zeroes down to your personal choice. It is essential to wipe the table sides, as this dust might travel to other parts of the table as well.

• Use high-end cleaning products

Few homeowners don’t want to make use of any chemical for cleaning tables! They will keep using the damp cloth. On the other hand, others might want to use the standard furniture polishes, alcohol-based cleaners, dish detergents, and also ammonia-free window cleaners. Regardless of the product, you intend to use, keep the table dry the moment you’ve removed the grime and dirt.

Don’t soak the table in chemicals. The residue will get accumulated in holes and the surface. It will get converted in a gunky, sticky surface, affecting the gamely by clogging holes. Hence, you need to make use of a microfiber cloth dipped in water to move on the surface after the cleaning. It will wipe off any remaining dish detergent and cleanser. These are a few ways to keep the air hockey tables clean.

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