Immediate Steps To Take In The Situation Of An Oil And Gas Accident

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There are many reasons why being involved in an oil and gas accident can be an exhausting experience. Often the person injured is forced to deal with the injuries themselves. Some people decide that it is best in their interest not to inform their employers. Many individuals aren’t aware that oil and gas accident law consists of a whole set of legal procedure that needs to be followed, irrespective of who is at fault. For others, it is not just a physical trauma but an emotional one too.

Immediate Steps To Take In The Situation Of An Oil And Gas Accident

Unless you are seriously injured and need to be taken to ICU, following these steps can help you emerge successfully and without legal consequences after an oil and gas incident. Depending on your health and mental condition, some of these steps will work immediately, if they are put into action as quickly as possible. Others take time.

Notifying the Employer

First and foremost, it is your responsibility to notify your employer or supervisor about your injuries and the extent of the accident right away. As your supervisor watch you carry out the daily tasks without complaints, when you notify them, they will come to respect your move and take the necessary steps to get you out of the situation. Failure to report the accident may cost you your job, benefits, and compensation for the injuries. Be honest about what happened and have eyewitnesses ready to record a statement. Put everything in writing so there is no room to confusion when the case goes to scrutiny or court.

Seeking Medical Attention

One of the very first things you need to do when you are involved in an oil and gas accident is to seek medical help immediately. Even if you think that you are uninjured, getting treated will help you prevent internal bleeding or other serious consequences as a result. It is a good idea to do what paramedics say, with no distractions. Additionally, your employer should ensure that you receive all the necessary medical treatment as per the law. It is vitally important for both you and your employer to establish ground rules and expectations much ahead of such uncertainty. Also, through workers compensation, your employer should be able to cover all expenses related to the accident including long-term health issues.

Calling Oil and Gas Accident Lawyer

Working with oil and gas accident lawyers certainly offers many distinct advantages compared to handling the issue yourself. Suddenly, all the issues pertaining to the case can become a breeze. Because these lawyers are skilled and experienced in the field, you can get positive results as long as you are selecting the right attorney in the first place.

A formal investigation into the accident will take place soon after the incident. This is when you report the injury to the police department. There will be multiple subsequent investigations held, on the behalf of various agencies including your employer and the insurance company. Never talk to a claims adjuster regarding the accident. Always have your accident lawyer speak on your behalf.

Again, many insurance companies arrange their own investigators for just this reason – to make the incident favorable to themselves rather than seek the truth. It is therefore in your best interest to appoint a lawyer who can act and speak to them in your absence. Another advantage of working with oil and gas accident lawyers is that you are more likely to receive compensation for your injuries or win a lawsuit when a lawyer is brought into the equation. This shouldn’t be taken lightly or neglected as something to be dealt with in the future.

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