How to Use Crypto When You Monetize Your Blog or Hobby

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The increase of people who have taken their hobbies to the next level has been on the increase and there are some great examples of those who have become hugely successful by monetizing a hobby. The main way that this is now being done is via cryptocurrency and the ability for people to buy, donate, share, and exchange products and services for the crypto of your choice.

How to Use Crypto When You Monetize Your Blog or Hobby

Step 1: You Need to Have a Good Idea and a Good Blog

There is no point in trying to monetize a hobby or blog something that doesn’t have a sustainable and committed following. The only way that this is going to be assured is by having a good product. Test, test, test before going live with your products or services and ensure that the blog, website, or e-commerce site is of the best quality to attract the audience that you’re looking for.

Step 2: Target the Target Audience

Once the captive audience has been defined and gathered then you need to determine what it is of value that you can offer visitors to target them. Like any other range of products, services, and entertainment, it needs to be fresh and evergreen content if you want people to engage and then show interest in the products and services that you offer or advertise.

Step 3: Set Up a Crypto Wallet

It’s one of the essential requirements if you are going to interact and accept crypto. So, the advice is to do your research and find a crypto wallet that will work for you and has the requisite good reviews. Then, set it up and test it before you use it on the blog or as the basis of monetizing your hobby.

Step 4: Understand the Drawbacks

Everyone is certain of all the positives of crypto, but there are some drawbacks as well, and if you are aware of these and can plan, then you will be fine. Knowing that whichever crypto you choose to use will be volatile and can change from day to day in value, you will need to keep an eye on the exchange rates and valuations, as discussed and presented at, allowing you to adjust the prices and details on your site accordingly.

Step 5: Provide the Right Communication to Help Users

Depending on the specific target market that you are working with, the use of crypto very well may be a given and something that is a common practice. However, there may be those visitors to the shop, site, or blog that will need some guidance and, as such, you should have some very clear instructions as to how the transaction can be performed and the related safety features.

These are incredibly simple steps to follow to use and accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment on your site. It is the future of e-commerce and, as shown here, something that will be incredibly simple to implement.

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