How to Keep Your Safe Room Hidden?

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Are you willing to increase the overall security of your family?

Then Hidden Rooms are perfect for you. You can call it by many names like the hidden room, panic room, or safe rooms. The purpose remains the same-providing you and your family the utmost security. You can add a safe space to your home or just include one during construction, but to reap its benefit, you need to keep it hidden. With proper planning and professional help, you can easily have a hidden room in real life.

How to Keep your Safe Room Hidden

Why Do You Need It?

Let’s have some figures:

  • The frequency of burglary in the USA is one in every 20 seconds.
  • As per the average and predictions, at least 2 million houses will be targeted by burglars and invaders in the next few years.
  • Almost 38% of assaults are the result of the home invasion.
  • Everyday USA homes witness 4500 burglaries.


A Perfect Position

Getting a perfect place for constructing a hidden room can be a daunting task. Because it needs to meet certain criteria like:

  • A panic room should be in a central position of the home. Suppose you are using the room to avoid the impact of a heavy storm, and your panic room is just beside your yard. It can be a challenging task to reach the room on time.
  • It needs to be in a very accessible position.
  • It must have a single entry.
  • It must be located at the lower level of your home.

A home improvement professional can help you get the right location for your safe room without disrupting the other rooms or areas of your home.

Why Do You Need To Have a Hidden Door?

As we all know, safe rooms serve various purposes. One of them is protecting your family from intruders. So if the door of your hidden room remains very much visible to everyone, then how can it help you out in the hour of need?
You can use the art of camouflaging to keep the door hidden from plain sight. It could look like a mirror, a panel, or just as simple as a bookcase. The door must blend with the overall décor of your home and does not create a distraction.

Room under the floor

If you are willing to have your panic room under the floor, then false flooring can be the best option. Be it hiding a whole staircase or just a door, and you can use it the way you want.

Another strategy people usually apply during the planning and constructing a safe room is using multiple layers. Through installing different layers, you can easily enhance the security level of your panic room.


The whole planning and installing of hidden rooms requires expert professionals who can customize the panic room as per your need and expected safety measurements. No matter how enjoyable it was to watch ‘Home Alone,’ but in reality, no one actually wants that kind of experience. So, don’t lose your peace of mind while you can just have a tailored and panelized safe room installed right away.

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